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Review Board

Administrative Review Board Vacancies


Are you looking to play an active part in your community?

Are you interested in reviewing complaints made against States' Committees' administrative decisions, acts or omissions?

Are you able to scrutinise and evaluate material to make independent, impartial, unbiased, balanced and fair decisions whilst maintaining the strictest confidentiality?

We are recruiting members of the public who would be interested in independently reviewing cases brought by the public against final decisions, actions or omissions of States' Committees or by any persons acting on behalf of a States' Committee under the Law. The system is known as 'the review board process '. It sits as a final stage over States' Committees' complaints processes. For further information- see

Applications are welcomed from members of the public except for post holders who are excluded from taking these positions under the law, to avoid potential conflicts of interests. Applications will not be accepted from: i) Members of the States of Deliberation; ii) members of States' Committees; iii) Deans of the Douzaines; iv) Judges of Guernsey Courts and v) States' employees.


(1) Additional Members of a Complaints Panel (to be selected by and proposed by the Policy & Resources Committee for election by the States of Deliberation)

  • The Complaints Panel is a standing panel and is the "gate-keeper" to the review board process. Its members review cases brought by the public against States' Committees and decide whether there are grounds for a review board to be convened to hold a public hearing in each case. In each matter, the Chairperson, currently Advocate Michael Adkins selects three non-conflicted members to review each case.

Members' overall role is to:

  • with the highest probity, investigate complaints received from persons "aggrieved" by any final decision, acts done or omissions by or on behalf of a States' Committee. This requires members to impartially scrutinise and evaluate all the material received from complainants and the States' Committee / its representatives about the complaint in order to decide whether or not each case meets the criteria to be referred to a review board hearing.

A full role description is available here.

(2) Independent Members of a Review Board (to be selected and appointed by the new Chairman of the Panel of Members after the upcoming general election)

  • A standing panel, from which one member at a time will be selected by the Chairman of the Panel, after assessing conflict of interests, to join two States Members and one Dean of a Douzaine to hear a case and make a decision on the facts presented by the complainant and the States' Committee.

A Review Board is the body comprising four members: two Members of the States of Deliberation, a Dean of a Douzaine and an independent member, convened to hear and decide on cases referred to it from the Complaints Panel, through the Chairman of the Panel of Members

Members' key roles include:

  • Considering all the material presented by the complainant and the States' Committee with the highest probity in order to decide, at a hearing, whether or not to find for or against the complainant.

A full role description is pdf icon available here. [235kb]

Training, support and previous experience

Free Guernsey-based training will be provided to assist you with your duties. In addition, the review board system and its members will be fully supported by the Principal Officer and her deputy.

No previous experience is required for these posts but diversity of experience and skills, especially gained as a tribunal member or from general legal/complaints handling/public policy/business experience would be beneficial.

How to apply

Please send your CV, together with a covering letter by email to Principal Officer, Lisette Ellis by email: detailing how your skills and experience demonstrate your match to the role(s). You are encouraged to apply for and may be appointed to both membership of the Complaints Panel and Independent member of a Review Board.

Deadline for applications: 5pm Friday 23 October 2020.

Contacts and further information

Additional information is available here

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Principal Officer (Mrs L. Ellis) by email: or by telephone: 07839 106863 during business hours on Mondays/ Wednesdays/Thursdays.

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