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Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)

Contact Us - Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) Comments, Compliments and Complaints - Health and Social Care

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What is CAMHS and what do they provide? CAMHS is a specialist mental health service that assesses and treats young people (age 18 and under) with emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties.


  • What is CAMHS and what do they provide?

    • Guernsey CAMHS is a specialist mental health service that assess and treat children and young people who are experiencing moderate to severe mental health difficulties, which are significantly impacting upon their daily functioning or are associated with risk . All referrals are prioritised on the basis of risk.
    • CAMHS support covers anxiety disorders, depression, self harm, neurodevelopmental disorders, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, psychotic illness. CAMHS will also see those in acute emotional distress that need assessment of risk and those with unexplained severe deterioration in psychological functioning. CAMHS do not accept referral for behavioural difficulties without a co-morbid mental health problem.
    • They offer different types of help for young people. You may sit and talk, complete practical activities, answer some questions or be given some puzzles to solve. Below are some of the therapies CAMHS provide; however this will be explained to you fully at your first appointment. You can click on each therapy to find out more information:
    • As a service, they work closely with young people individually; parents, carers and extended family as well as working in close liaison with other professionals that may be involved, such as teachers or social workers.
    • Please follow the links in the "downloads" section to meet the CAMHS team and find out what else to expect at CAMHS.
  • How can I access the service?

    • You are normally referred to CAMHS through your school nurse or GP; you cannot refer yourself to the service. CAMHS will first send out a letter to you to inform you that the referral has been accepted and asking you to contact the service to arrange a first appointment. You will also receive a questionnaire and an information form to fill out and send back to us. After your first appointment you and a member of the CAMHS team will decide if treatment is necessary and when this will be.
    • There is no charge to be seen at CAMHS, however if you are referred through your GP you will have to pay their consultation fee. Most of the time, it's really important that your family or carers come with you to your first appointment. If you would like to you can speak to us without them, but it would be very helpful if they came with you initially.
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing

    • Mental Health is an essential part of our health and is just as important as physical health. This works alongside wellbeing, which refers to how we feel or how happy we are about our lives as a whole.
    • It is natural to feel happy when something good happens, feel sad when something bad happens or to be scared when you are worrying. These are normal emotions that everyone will experience throughout their lifetime.
    • Part of ensuring good mental health and wellbeing is being in touch with your emotions but also knowing when you may need some extra support when dealing with certain difficulties.
    • Here are 5 simple, but important activities that you can include in your daily routine to improve your personal wellbeing. You can think of these as your '5 a day' for mental wellbeing! Getting your 5 a day will increase your overall satisfaction and happiness, reduce stress and anxiety and promote positive mental health.
  • Links to helpful information

    • Youth Commission: A safe space where you can access up to date information and advice as well as talk to trained listeners about anything and everything that is going on in your life.
    • Young Minds: A leading UK charity which aims to improve mental and emotional wellbeing of children and young people while empowering their parents and carers. Useful information divided into age relevant sections, including videos, podcasts, and disorder/treatment advice.
    • Moodjuice: A site that is designed to help you think about emotional problems and work towards solving them. You will find various self-help guides to work through yourself or with someone close to you.
    • Royal College of Psychiatrists: Useful fact sheets for parents and young people regarding mental health and growing up.
    • Papyrus: A national charity dedicated to the prevention of young suicide. If you have accessed this page and feel like you may be at risk, follow this link for support and speak to someone close to you.
  • How to give feedback to CAMHS

    • At CAMHS we value your feedback and want you to be heard. We look to provide the best possible service we can for you and your views are an important part of doing this.
    • You can collect a Feedback Questionnaire from the CAMHS reception and return to us whenever is best for you.


What to expect from psychological therapy Where are we? Meet the CAMHS Team What to expect from CAMHS

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