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Contact Us - Driver and Vehicle Licensing

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A Guernsey driving licence consists of two parts (a plastic card and a paper counterpart). If you are applying to add a category to your existing driving licence, have passed your driving test or have changed your name/address you will need to hand in your current driving licence before we can issue you with your new driving licence.

Information about what vehicles your Guernsey driving licence will cover you to drive is available here.

Information on driving licence requirement when towing a trailer is available here.


  • How long will it take to receive my driving licence? 

    • Online applications
      • A driving licence can be applied for online (if you have an activated online account), by post or in person at Edward T Wheadon House.
      • For applications made via our online services, the driving licence will be valid as soon as you have applied and paid for it online. The new driving licence will be sent to you by post in 2-3 working days but you will be covered to drive in the meantime.
    • Postal or in person applications
      • For applications made by post or in person, we aim to post the licence to you within 2-3 weeks of your application. 
      • If you have not received your licence within two months of applying, please contact us and we can provide an update.
      • Subject to a valid application being received prior to the expiry date of your current driving licence, you should be covered to drive from the start date of the new licence EVEN if you have not yet received the physical driving licence by that date.
    • If you require your physical driving licence sooner, we offer a fast track service at extra cost. There are two options:
      • Same Day - £30
        Apply by 11am to collect the driving licence the same day at 3pm
      • Next Working Day - £20
        Apply by 2pm to collect the driving licence the following working day at 3pm
    • In both cases you would need to pay before we can fast track your driving licence. If you have changed address, you will need to bring in proof of your new address e.g. recent utility bill when you collect the driving licence. You would need to let us know in advance if someone else will be collecting the driving licence on your behalf.
  • Information for learner drivers

    • For information regarding categories P, A1 or A, please visit
    • If you are driving/riding a moped, a light motorcycle, a motorcycle, an agricultural tractor, a road repairing machine or a motorised tricycle or a quadricycle (categories P, A1, A, F, G or B1) under the terms of your provisional licence, you do not need to be supervised/accompanied by a full driving licence holder. The same is true if you are driving an electrically propelled vehicle within category L, if it is only designed to be occupied solely by the driver.
    • For B, C and D categories please remember that you may only drive a vehicle when you are being supervised by a person who has held a full driving licence in the relevant category for at least one year.
    • You will need to display "L" plates on the front and rear of your motorcycle or vehicle in a prominent position.
    • We recommend that you take driving lessons with a registered driving instructor. A poster listing the registered schools is available here:
    • You must pass a theory & practical driving test before you are able to apply for a 'full' driving licence.
    • Please note:
      • If you hold categories F, G, B1 or L you must pass the driving test in these categories within two years. Should you not do so you will be required to wait 12 months before a further provisional driving licence in these categories can be issued.
    • Further details on learning to drive can be found here.
  • Medical conditions, disabilities and driving

    • For information about when and how you should inform Driver and Vehicle Licensing of a disability or illness that may affect your ability to drive safely and for information about how to apply for a Blue Badge please go to: 
  • International Driving Permits and driving abroad

    • Please follow this link for more information.
  • Payments

    • Details of all fees in relation to Driver and Vehicle Licensing can be found here
    • Payment for the services provided can be made in cash, cheque (made payable to 'States of Guernsey', or in respect of Alderney residents 'States of Alderney'), debit or credit card.
    • If you are posting your application and would like to pay by debit/credit card, please supply your contact telephone number and we will call to take payment over the phone.


The Highway Code for Guernsey Services & information for new motorists Vehicle category descriptions and age entitlements for driving Driving licence requirements for vehicles towing trailers Registered driving instructor's Code of Practice Medical conditions, disabilities and driving Medical Report - Car and Motorcycle Medical Report - Large Goods Vehicle, Passenger Carrying Vehicle or Vocational Motoring & driving test fees & charges

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