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States House Repairs

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Information about the Maintenance of States Houses

As a landlord, we are responsible for maintaining the structure and the outside of your homes, any shared or communal areas, and any fixtures and fittings that we have provided. We are also responsible for most repairs, maintenance and servicing needed to the property as a result of fair wear and tear.

You are responsible for a number of minor repairs, decorating within your home and repairing damage. We rely on you to help us by reporting repairs quickly and allowing us into your home to carry out the necessary work.

For more information about landlord and tenant responsibilities, see the Tenancy Agreement.

All gas engineers must be on the Gas Safe Register to carry out gas work.

All electrical contractors that work on our properties are now required to be members of the Electrical Contractors' Association (ECA) or the National Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC).

Please see the downloads on this page for more information about property management.

  • Reporting a fault

    • To report a fault during office hours, call our Property Management Section on 223465. Make sure you find out who is responsible for paying for the fault to be corrected - either we will pay for it, or we will arrange for a contractor to carry out the work and charge you for it.
    • Outside of office hours, call 224215.  You will speak to a Duty Officer of the Joint Emergency Services Control Centre acting on our behalf. The Duty Officer may not be able to tell you who is responsible for paying for the fault to be fixed, but if the repairs are urgently required they will arrange for a contractor to visit your property as soon as possible.
    • You can also contact us using the online form for the Property Management Section.
  • Your Housing Inspector

    • Housing Inspectors manage and organise the work required to keep our estates well-maintained. To speak to your Housing Inspector, call the general Property Management number on 223465 and give your name and address.
    • You should contact the Property Management section if you have a query about any repair work that has been carried out, or if you have any questions about the condition of the estate or your home.
  • Estate visit days

    • Monday
      • Bellgrave Flats
      • Braye Road
      • Carriere Lane
      • Clos de Bordage
      • Courtil Le Clement
      • Juas House
      • La Lande
      • La Rue Flere
      • Old Farm Sous les Hougues
      • Rodley Park
      • Route des Coutures
      • Sous les Hougues
      • Courtil Jacques
      • Pre de Quertier
      • Clos de Bordage
    • Tuesday
      • Blantyre
      • Chemin des Monts
      • Clos du Figuier
      • Clos du Pont
      • Clos St Jean
      • 8 College Terrace
      • Courtil St Jacques
      • Le Picquerel & Bungalows
      • Les Genats
      • Lincoln Place
      • Lindsay Court
      • Maison Celine
      • Maison Collivet
      • Orchard Clos
      • Pont Vaillant
      • Pre du L'Aumone
      • Rue Perruque
      • Sandy Hook
      • Summerville Flats
    • Wednesday
      • Anneville Farm
      • Bas Courtil & Bungalows
      • Chemin Robin
      • Courtil Michele
      • Courtil Portier
      • Crocq du Sud
      • Knapp House
      • La Felconte
      • La Heche
      • La Saline Cottage
      • Le Hurel
      • Le Jardin
      • Les Islet Estate & Arsenal
      • Les Naftiaux
      • Les Oberlands
      • Les Villiaze
      • Mont Marche
      • Rue au Pretre
      • Rue de la Croix
      • Rue des Grons
      • Rue Jehannet
      • Sausmarez Mill
      • St Peter School
    • Thursday
      • Clairval Estate
      • Mahaut Gardens
      • Courtil Bris
      • Courtil du Puit
      • Couture Close
      • Cordier Court
      • Gibauderie
      • Krecklers End
      • La Fontaine Flats
      • La Guelles
      • La Vrangue
      • Le Valnord
      • Les Maisonettes
      • Les Ozouets
      • Millbrook
      • Rosemount
      • Rougeval
      • The Cottage (Jardin de L'Epine)
      • Valnord Court
  • Useful information

  • Guernsey Housing Association tenants

    • The Guernsey Housing Association (GHA) is another social housing landlord.
    • If you are a GHA tenant in social rented housing, more information about repairs is available on the My Repairs section of the GHA website.








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