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Relationships and Sex Education

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While schools may involve a range of individuals and agencies in their health education programme, we employ a team of two part time qualified Health Professionals as Sexual Health and Relationship Educators and an office manager. The team are known as SHARE.

  • What we do:

    • Our role is to offer advice and support to education staff in planning and implementing the schools and colleges Relationships and Sex education programme. The service delivers sessions in the schools from Year 5 to Post 16. We can be contacted at: 01481 224072 or
  • The service provides:

    • SHARE provides
      • A resource centre for all PSHE and citizenship needs that are related to Relationships and Sex Education and growing up.
      • Advice and support to all staff,  parents and carers in dealing with Relationship and Sex Education and young people.
      • Provide in-service training for all staff.
      • Provide presentations for parents evenings.
  • Our Aims:

    • The Sexual Health and Relationship Education Service aims to ensure that every learner within the education system in the Bailiwick of Guernsey receives a programme of Relationship and Sex education. This will provide the individual with the necessary skills, attitudes and knowledge to make healthy, safe and informed decisions in relation to their personal and sexual health.
  • Why does Relationships and Sex Education matter?

    • The RSE curriculum is designed to support and compliment the role of parents and carers who have the prime responsibility in this sensitive area. They have the most significant influence in enabling their children to grow to maturity and to form healthy relationships. SHARE's relationship and sex education programme is intended to compliment and support the role of parents and carers in educating their children about relationships.
  • Parents and Relationship and Sex Education (RSE)

    • As a parent/carer you are the key person for your child's learning about sex and relationships.  Schools should always work in partnership with parents/carers.  You need to know that the school's RSE programme will complement your role and support you as sex educators of your child. 
  • Leaflets:

    • Information about lesson plans from Years 5 to Post 16 are available to download along with further information about SHARE and what our Service does. Leaflets for parents and carers of Primary and Secondary children are available on request from the service. Parents or carers looking for support in a particular area of RSE are encouraged to contact the SHARE team as we may have access to the resources you need.
  • For information on books about Puberty:

These clips below can be used to support conversations with children in upper KS2 / lower KS3. Consent for Kids and Pantosaurus  is used within the year 5 session when discussing body autonomy aimed at safeguarding children. As the year 6 programme focuses on understanding puberty, Always Changing and Growing Up is well placed within these sessions. The other clips here are provided by trusted websites with the aim of informing families and safeguarding children. These are not used in our sessions. They can be used to support parents and carers with more specific concerns they may have for their children in our ever changing world.


New primary leaflet for parents of primary 2023 SHARE Flyer 2023 SHARE Lesson content 2023 Learning about Sex and Relationships

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