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Abortion Care in Guernsey

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On 2nd February 2022 The Abortion (Guernsey) (Amendment) Law, 2021 came into force, making changes to the abortion care available in Guernsey.

An abortion is a way of ending a pregnancy, either through using medicines (a medical abortion) or through a surgical procedure (a surgical abortion). The Law allows you to have an abortion at up to 24 weeks of pregnancy. If you think or have decided that you want an abortion, you should see a general practitioner (GP) who will discuss your circumstances with you and refer you to a Consultant Gynaecologist at the Medical Specialist Group. You no longer need to see two GPs.

Although abortion is a very safe procedure, the earlier in pregnancy it is performed the safer it is. Therefore, you should not have to wait more than 2 weeks from the appointment with your GP to the time of your abortion. The Gynaecologist will discuss medical and surgical abortions with you and help you to decide which option is best for you.

In the event that the Gynaecologist recommends you to have your abortion procedure at a unit in the UK - for example, for procedures later on in pregnancy - this will be arranged for you and paid for in full by Health & Social Care.

You have the right to delay or cancel appointments if you need more time to make a decision. You can also change your mind about having the abortion at any stage.

  • Support available

    • Choices provides a confidential, holistic service that helps individuals to make positive choices to support their sexual and reproductive health. If you are thinking about ending your pregnancy, or you have had an abortion in the past, Choices offers a free, independent counselling service where you will be given the space to talk through and explore your feelings in a non-judgmental and unbiased way. You can find out more information on abortion here and the experienced staff at Choices would be pleased to provide you with the support you need.
    • The opening hours and contact details for Choices are as follows:
      • Monday            12pm - 6pm
      • Tuesday             12pm - 2pm
      • Wednesday      12pm - 6pm
      • Thursday           10am - 2pm
      • Friday                 Closed
      • Saturday           12pm - 2pm
      • Sunday              Closed
    • Address: Choices, 7 Le Pollet, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1WQ
    • Email:
    • Telephone: 01481 714954 or 07781 103434
    • If you would prefer to contact the counselling service directly, the confidential 'help line' telephone number is: 07781 138448 (voicemails left on this number remain confidential) or you can email
    • Facebook: Choices | Facebook
    • Twitter: Choices (@Choicesguernsey) | Twitter


Public Feedback Summary 15 June 2020 Policy Letter - Modernisation of the Abortion (Guernsey) Law, 1997 Abortion Statistics Summary 2017-18 Policy Letter - Partnership of Purpose

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