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Kerbside recycling collection for all households from March next year

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Thursday 21 November 2013

Kerbside recycling collections will be provided for every household in the island from March next year.

The new service will be provided by the current bin men in each parish. They will pick up mixed recycling in special bags, avoiding the need for households to put out additional bins.

The bags will be delivered to every household and, although participation will be voluntary, Public Services expects most islanders will take part.

There will be no charge to households for the initial two year interim scheme. The £2.4 million cost, which includes all collection and processing charges over the two years, will be funded by Public Services.

Public Services Minister, Deputy Paul Luxon, said the new service was an important element of the island's waste strategy:

"Guernsey has done well to get our household recycling rate to 46%, and we can all be proud of that achievement. However we have to improve the service provided to remove some of the barriers that prevent some islanders from recycling more, and help those who are not currently recycling anything to start,

'Kerbside collection is important, as it will make recycling easier and more convenient. And every additional tonne of materials we collect at the kerbside or through the bring banks, is one less tonne going to landfill or requiring another costly form of treatment."

Public Services has worked with the parishes to introduce the new service, and Deputy Luxon said their commitment was key.

"All the parishes are signed up and as committed as we are to making a success of this. Kerbside recycling is what their parishioners want, and although there will of course be some challenges, by working together, along with their bin men, we are confident we can overcome these."

The service will include most recyclables now collected at local bring bank sites. Pick-ups will be on the same evening as a normal bin night, with different materials on alternating weeks.

Paper and card will be picked up one week, and tins, cans, plastic bottles and containers, foil and drink cartons the following week. The mixed materials will then be taken to Mayside Recycling.

The company is setting up a new materials recovery facility, to sort and process the various recyclables.

Mayside Recycling Chairman Alan Crowe said:

"PSD, Parishes, the Parish bin-men and ourselves have put a lot of time and effort into bringing this interim kerbside recycling scheme to fruition and were looking forward to getting started."

Experience from the interim scheme will help shape the full kerbside service, starting in 2016. That will include the separate collection of food waste, once facilities for processing this material on-island are available.

Although glass will not be included in the interim service, it is hoped this will also be part of this final scheme. Trials will be carried out during the next two years to see if issues associated with its collection can be overcome.

The major obstacle is broken glass being mixed with other materials, which can render them unrecyclable.

Bring bank facilities will continue to be provided for glass, and for other materials for islanders who are unable to participate in kerbside collection.

Public Services will send detailed information on the scheme to all island households in early 2014 to ensure that everyone can take advantage of the convenience of kerbside collections.

Why have an interim scheme?

Numerous options are available for kerbside collections, and the most appropriate solution for Guernsey has to be identified before the full scheme is introduced in 2016. The practical experience gained through the initial interim service will help to refine various elements, including the mix of recyclables, collection vehicles, and optimal frequency.

What will be collected?

Paper, card, food tins, drink cans, aerosols, plastic packaging (pots, tubs, bottles and trays, except black plastic and thin film products), aluminium/tin foil, aluminium take away containers, milk and juice cartons. Food and drink containers should be rinsed out.

When will recycling be collected?

On a household's normal "bin night" - or one of these nights in parishes that currently have two refuse collections a week. Either the blue or green bag will be collected each week.

What can't go in the recycling bags?

General household waste and food waste must still be put out in black bags. Any items contaminated with food (e.g. chip papers, take-away pizza boxes) should also not be included.

How will glass be collected?

Glass bottles and jars can be taken to any of the main bring bank sites.

Will it cost to use the collection service?

During the initial interim scheme there will be no charge to households.

Will normal rubbish collections change?

No. Black bag collections will continue as now.

Will islanders still be able to use the bring banks?


Will there be a limit on how many recycling bags can be put out?

No. Provided materials are put out on the correct collection night, islanders can put out as many recycling bags as they need. However recycling bags cannot be used for general waste.

What if someone runs out of bags?

More bags will be available from Parish Constables Office, or by calling Public Services.

What happens after recycling is collected?

The bags will be taken to Mayside Recycling, opened, and the contents sorted into the various different materials. These will then be baled, exported, and processed ready for manufacture into new products.

Will the bags be recycled?

Yes, provided they are clean.

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