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General Situation

At midday, complex low, 969 mb, mid-North Atlantic, moving north and filling, with associated fronts slow-moving around the mouth of the Channel. High, 1033 mb Eastern Europe, slow moving and gradually declining.

Forecast from 7pm Saturday to 7pm Sunday.

Weather: Mist and risk of fog patches, mainly in the north, clearing northwards. Patchy rain spreading into the west of the area later.

Wind: South to southeast 3 to 4, increasing 4 to 6 overnight, veering south to southwest 3 to 5 from midday, decreasing 2 to 3 locally later.

Visibility: Moderate to good, occasionally poor or very poor at first and again later.

Sea state: Slight to moderate, perhaps locally rather rough mid-Channel during the morning.

Sea swell: 2 to 5 feet, increasing 4 to 7 feet later.

Sea temperature: 8

Outlook from 7pm Sunday to 7pm Monday.

Weather: Occasional light rain, with a risk of mist and fog patches.

Wind: South to southwest 3 to 5, locally 2 to 3 at times.

Visibility: Moderate, occasionally poor, perhaps very poor at times.

Sea state: Slight to moderate with a low to moderate swell, decreasing smooth to slight overnight.

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