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Relocating to Guernsey and Guernsey (British) Citizenship

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Struggling to achieve that elusive work/life balance?  Why not join those who have ditched that dreary daily commute and make the short move to Guernsey?  You will have more time for your family and the friends you will make, and be spoilt for choice when it comes to enjoying that new-found leisure time.

  • Sports

    • There are local leagues for all the mainstream sports, two 18-hole golf courses and a Tony Jacklin-designed nine-holer.
    • Never far away, the coast offers opportunities for everything from surfing, swimming and sailing to angling, dog walks and quiet sunset strolls.
    • Cycling - competitive, commuting or just exploring - is increasingly popular, while the parks, cliff paths and country lanes offer safe places for joggers. For serious athletes there is a tartan track at multi-sports venue Foote's Lane .
    • For those who prefer to keep fit indoors, the island offers a wide range of gyms, indoor pools and health suites.
  • And so much more

    • Those who like to take their leisure more leisurely can visit libraries, art galleries, and museums, go to concerts or watch the latest films.
    • Participation in the arts is strong, too, with literary, photographic, dance, music and one-act play festivals and an annual Eisteddfod that embraces everything from music and drama to photography, craftwork and artistic roller skating.
    • Evidence of the island's history is everywhere from the prehistoric dolmens to the gun batteries and bunkers that formed part of Hitler's Atlantic Wall. You can even visit the house where the exiled Victory Hugo wrote Les Miserables and Toilers of the Sea.
    • There are two internationally-important Ramsar wetland sites in the Bailiwick and, as an important migratory stopover, the island offers plenty for ornithologists to look out for, too.
    • With coast, countryside or sports venue virtually on your doorstep, Guernsey is a great, safe place for families. Crime is low - just look at the roadside 'hedge veg' produce stalls with their honesty boxes for customers' money.

Anyone considering moving to the island needs to be aware of some important differences in government and public services.

  • Register before you relocate

    • The admission and stay of persons other than British citizens is governed by the Border Agency.
    • Applications for British (Guernsey) citizenship may be made through the Royal Court of Guernsey.
    • Whether you are a British citizen or not, you will need to find out about the controls on who can live and work here and if you plan on working, you will need a Resident Certificate/Employment Permit (Right to Work).
    • If you are moving here for the first time, or are returning after a period of absence, you will need to register with Social Security and Income Tax.
    • There is no NHS in the island and no reciprocal health agreement with the UK, so you should consider insurance, which is available from a range of private providers.
    • New residents should also be aware that GP practices are private and you will have to pay for your consultation. Specialist/consultant treatment is often free for residents on referral from your GP.
    • Guernsey also operates its own driver licensing and vehicle registration system - and there is currently no annual Vehicle Excise Duty. Follow this link for further information.
    • Guernsey is working hard to minimise its waste by reduction, reuse and recycling. For more information on refuse collection, waste disposal and recycling, follow this link.

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