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Transport Licensing Authority

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Consideration of air transport licensing

Constituted as a Committee of the States with effect from 1 May 2016.

  • Constitution

    • A President and four members who shall be members of the States: provided that neither the President nor any member of the Transport Licensing Authority shall be the President or a member of the Policy & Resources Committee or the President or a member of the Committee for Economic Development or the President or a member of the Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure or the President or a member of the States' Trading Supervisory Board; and up to two non-voting members appointed by the Committee who shall not be members of the States.
    • President:Deputy David De Lisle
      Vice-President:Deputy Chris Blin
      Members:Deputy Chris Le Tissier
       Deputy Liam McKenna
       Alderney Representative Steve Roberts
      Principal Officer:Mike Northmore
  • Duties & Powers

    • To determine applications for air route licences and to carry out any other transport licensing and regulatory functions which the States may confer on it from time to time.
    • To exercise powers and perform duties conferred on the Authority by extant States' resolution, including those resolutions or parts of resolutions which relate to matters for the time being within the mandate of the Transport Licensing Authority and which conferred functions on the former Commerce and Employment Department.
    • To fulfil the responsibilities and operation functions set out below.
  • Responsibilities

    • A. General Responsibilities of the Policy & Resources Committee and all Principal Committees
    • 1. to contribute to fulfilling the States' objectives and policy plans, including by supporting and participating in cross-committee work;
    • 2. to monitor and report on policy outcomes in areas relating to its mandate;
    • 3. to ensure that public funds and other resources are used to best advantage, including through co-operative and flexible working practices.
    • B. General Responsibilities of all Committees of the States
    • 1. to exercise powers and perform duties conferred on the committee by extant legislation and by extant States' resolutions;
    • 2. to be accountable to the States for all policies developed, actions taken and services delivered or overseen by the committee;
    • 3. to be accountable to the States for the management and safeguarding of public funds and other resources entrusted to the committee;
    • 4. in any policy letter submitted to the States to set out clearly how the proposals contained therein relate to the duties and powers or the purpose and policy responsibilities of the committee, how the proposals contribute to the States' objectives and policy plans and what joint working or consultation has taken place with other committees;
    • 5. to act in accordance with the Rules of Procedure of the States and their committees;
    • 6. to be aware of the powers, duties and limits of the committee's mandate and to respect and not to undermine the mandates of other committees of the States;
    • 7. to be aware that a committee of the States is in effect an agent of the States of Guernsey exercising functions conferred on it by resolution of, or legislation approved by, the States of Deliberation; and as such to respect that, save in specific circumstances where legislation provides otherwise, the States may at any time they consider it desirable issue directions to a committee and that committee shall be expected to carry into effect any such directions irrespective of whether that committee or any of its individual members agree or disagree with such directions: provided that the rejection by the States of recommendations or advice of a committee shall not ipso facto require the resignation of that committee.
    • C. Reference to Enactments
    • 1. unless otherwise provided, or the context requires otherwise, a reference to an enactment in the mandate of a committee is to be interpreted as a reference to the enactment as from time to time amended, re-enacted with or without modification, extended or applied.
  • Operational Functions

    • The Transport Licensing Authority shall deliver or oversee the delivery of those operational functions which immediately before the 1st of May, 2016 were delivered by the Commerce & Employment Department in relation to the regulation and licensing of transport services under the Air Transport Licensing (Guernsey) Law, 1995, including the issuing of air route licences.

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