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Customs and Excise Duties and Rates

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There are two types of duty chargeable within the Bailiwick of Guernsey. These are Excise Duty and Import Duty (also referred to as Customs Duty).

Import duty

A duty of customs (known as "import duty") is charged in accordance with relevant Customs Law when goods are imported into the Bailiwick. Subject to the provisions of the Customs Law, because Guernsey is in a Customs Union with the UK, Jersey and Isle of Man, no customs duties are charged in respect of goods imported directly into the Bailiwick from those places, when:

All other goods imported into the Bailiwick may be liable to import duty, this includes goods from the European Union ("EU") and third countries (Rest of the world).

Goods arriving from the EU may be subject to preferential rates of duty, which in most cases will be zero, but only when the goods originate in the EU. Goods that do not meet the Rules of Origin, and therefore do not originate in the EU, are subject to import duty (despite having been dispatched from an EU country). A full customs declaration will need to be completed for all goods imported from outside the Customs union.

To establish how much import duty is payable on an item, use the UK Global Tariff, which can be found at

To work out how much duty is payable on goods imported from the USA you can use the following example:

Value of the goods + shipping cost from USA to UK (first port of call in customs territory) x duty rate = duty to be charged

Excise Duty

Excise duty is applied to alcohol, tobacco and some fuels imported into or manufactured in the Bailiwick. Excise duty is set by the States of Guernsey in accordance with local government requirements. The rates are reviewed annually by the States of Guernsey and set at budget time, which is usually in October. They cover Guernsey and Alderney; Sark sets its own rates via the Chief Pleas.





Guernsey & Alderney Excise Rates From 1st Jan 2023 Guernsey & Alderney Excise Rates From 1st Jan 2024

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