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Agriculture and horticulture (HSE guidance)

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Good Health and Safety is a fundamental requirement of a sustainable farming business and should be regarded as an essential part of farm business management

  • Guidance and Information

    • Although statistically, the persistent high rates of fatal incidents and work-related ill health in the agricultural industry are UK related, "one should never say never"'.
    • The UK guidance is designed to help everyone working in the industry achieve good standards of health and safety and reduce injuries and ill health by identifying causes, eliminating hazards and controlling risks.
  • Farmwise - Your essential guide to health & safety in agriculture

    • This book provides guidance that is relevant to everyone working on farms and will help to achieve good standards of health and safety.
    • Identifying causes, eliminating hazards and controlling risks, should lead to a reduction in accidents, injuries and ill health.
    • The guide covers the management of health and safety - principally for those responsible for running the farming or horticultural business.   
  • Health surveillance for occupational dermatitis

    • Occupational skin disease is important and a common health problem in the agriculture and horticultural occupations.
    • Repeated skin irritation or skin sensitisation can lead to dermatitis.
    •  Hand immersion, particularly multiple short-term immersion using soap or detergent, is associated with dermatitis.
  • Using tractors safely

    • The revised step-by-step guide to tractor safety, is for everyone who uses a tractor, or tractor-operated machinery.
    • By following the nine simple but essential safety steps described in the guide, most accident and major injuries relating to tractors, could be prevented.


Farmwise G403 Health Surveillance for Occupational Dermatitis Using Tractors Safely-INDG185

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