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From Star Wars to ghost tours
Monday 16 October 2017

There is a supernatural theme to October half term at Guernsey Museums this year.

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Asian hornet nest found near the Longfrie Inn
Friday 13 October 2017

An Asian hornet nest has been found today near the Longfrie Inn in St Peter's.

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P&R President welcomes UK response to Justice Committee report
Friday 13 October 2017

The UK Government has today published its response to the House of Common Justice Committee's report entitled "the implications of Brexit for the Crown Dependencies", which emphasised the need for the UK Government to ensure it represents the interests of the islands in Brexit negotiations.

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Justice Committee members visit Guernsey

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Wednesday 25 January 2017

Three members of the House of Commons Justice Select Committee have visited Guernsey to discuss the implications of Brexit for the island.

Robert Neill MP, Chair of the Committee, Alex Chalk MP and Kate Green MP were in the island following up on the Committee's inquiry into the implications of Brexit for the Crown Dependencies. The UK Parliamentary inquiry is examining the risks and opportunities that the UK's withdrawal from the EU creates for the Crown Dependencies, as well as the effectiveness of UK Government engagement with the Crown Dependencies.

During their visit the Committee met with political and industry representatives to discuss the four priority areas that have been established with the UK Government in relation to Brexit: fisheries and agriculture; financial services; free movement of people; and customs and goods.

They also met with representatives from Sark Chief Pleas to understand the differences between the two islands, and the different opportunities and risks that Brexit could create. They will be meeting representatives from Alderney at a later date.

President of the Policy & Resources Committee, Deputy Gavin St Pier said:

"The States of Guernsey welcomed the Justice Committee's inquiry into the implications of Brexit for the Crown Dependencies and I was pleased to be able to invite the Committee to the island to follow up on the evidence that we submitted. This visit has enabled key stakeholders both within government and industry to meet with the Committee to discuss the priority areas of opportunity, as well as concern, that the UK's decision to withdraw from the EU could present.

The inquiry, and this visit, highlight once again that Guernsey is ready and willing to engage in the discussions surrounding one of the biggest challenges to face the UK in a generation, and we are looking forward to continuing to work with the UK in the coming months and years to deliver the best possible outcomes for Guernsey as the UK works towards delivering Brexit."

Chair of the Justice Committee, Robert Neill MP said:

"We were pleased to be invited to Guernsey to hear the opportunities and concerns that the UK's withdrawal from the EU could present for the Bailiwick. Brexit is a critical challenge for both Guernsey and the UK, and in order for the Island to be properly represented during the withdrawal process there must be effective engagement across all areas of government as all parties work towards delivering the best possible outcomes in the exit negotiations. This visit has been invaluable in providing details of the areas of priority for the Island in relation to Brexit, and for our consideration of the Ministry of Justice's work."

The Committee has also visited Jersey and the Isle of Man to gather further information in relation to its inquiry into the implications of Brexit for the Crown Dependencies.


Further information

The written evidence submitted by the States of Guernsey to the Committee's inquiry can be found here.

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