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L'Ancresse East - proposals for managed realignment of beach

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Proposals are now being progressed for a managed realignment of 200m of the coastline at the eastern end of L'Ancresse where the WWII tank wall is failing and is beyond economic repair.

In view of the deteriorating condition of sections of the wall at the eastern (L'Ancresse ) end of the bay, and having considered past and current coastal engineering advice regarding this wall and the options available, the Committee for the Environment and Infrastructure approved proposals to progress the development of a realignment of the beach instead of building a replacement wall.    

Deputy Sarah Hansmann-Rouxel, member of the Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure, said:

'The aim of the proposal is to allow a return to a more natural beach environment within the eastern section of the bay.  L'Ancresse East is already a very popular location and its return to a natural beach - which will be warmer without the shadow of the wall and with longer drying time between tides - is likely to increase its popularity even further. It would also return the coastline in this area to a natural sand dune or shingle ridge, similar to that east of the slipway.' 

Subject to planning consent and funding being secured, two protective rock groynes would be constructed , one close to the kiosk and one 200m to the west, near the rock outcrop. 

Prior to WWII the 1km wide bay at Pembroke/L'Ancresse was backed by sand dunes, similar to those at Les Amarreurs, Port Soif and Grande Rocques and the removal of the WWII tank wall between the two rock groynes would allow the re-development of a sandy beach  in a controlled manner. 

A meeting of Vale Constables, Douzeniers, Vale Deputies and Vale Commons' Council representatives was held on Monday 15th May when the proposals and outline timetable were presented for discussion.  Preliminary discussions have also taken place with the L'Ancresse kiosk tenant and L'Ancresse Golf Club representative.

Public meetings will be arranged towards the end of June for anyone interested in finding out more about the proposals for L'Ancresse East.

The importance of the current kiosk, public conveniences, and slipway is being fully recognized within the proposal, with the intention to protect the existing kiosk and facilities so that they remain in place for as long as is economically and practically possible. 

The Martello tower immediately to the south will not be affected by the realignment of the beach.  The public footpath, currently running along the back of the wall, will be moved to north of the Martello tower where there is already a well-trodden 'desire line' which goes around the back of the kiosk towards the slipway. 

The funding for the beach realignment project will be considered by the States during the summer.  Costs are estimated to be in the region of £1m and, if States approval is given, the project will  be the subject of a  tender process for the work.   

Deputy Hansmann-Rouxel said:

'The future costs of maintenance of the rock groynes, dunes, and shingle ridge will be minimal in comparison to the costs of repairs to another wall erected on the same line. In the meantime the condition of the wall is regularly monitored by Agriculture, Countryside and Land Management Services staff and some repair works to  a section of the wall near the kiosk are scheduled in June.'


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