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States and Public meetings to be held for L'Ancresse East 22nd August 2017 - proposals for managed realignment

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Friday 11 August 2017

At the request of the Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure, a second public presentation has been arranged on the proposed managed realignment of the coast at L'Ancresse (Eastern end).

The meeting and presentations will be on Tuesday 22nd August at St Sampson's School Hall commencing at 7:30pm sharp. This follows up, and to a great extent repeats, the public presentations held in June (

The presentation will be led by Royal Haskoning, the coastal management and engineering consultants who have been advising on this project for a number of years.

A presentation for States' Members will be held at 3:30pm. States Members' will also have the opportunity to meet Royal Haskoning at East L'Ancresse during their visit to the Island.

The Committee aims to present the proposals to the States in September.

The managed beach re-alignment scheme would see the removal of a 130m section of the damaged anti-tank wall at L'Ancresse East and the construction of two rock armour groynes which would assist the development of a dune backed beach in the area immediately west of the kiosk. Options for protecting or relocating the kiosk will also be considered in the policy letter presented to the States.

The position of the wall at the eastern end, combined with its lack of foundation, has led to the wall now needing either replacement or removal despite continued repairs since its construction. This is because it is being undermined by the sea, with sediment being sucked out from underneath the wall, causing the wall to rotate forwards. This is what has caused, and is continuing to cause, the cracking of the wall.

After a careful consideration of the options for dealing with this situation, the Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure approved proposals to progress the development of a realignment of the beach instead of building a replacement wall.

The Committee's decision took into account the deterioration of sections of the wall at the eastern (L'Ancresse) end of the bay, and consideration of past and current coastal engineering advice and the options available for the long-term management in this area. A realignment of the coastline here would involve removal of 130m of the wall west of the L'Ancresse kiosk so that a new area of beach could be allowed to re-develop on a line close to the pre-war coastline north of the Martello tower.

Prior to WWII the 1km wide bay at Pembroke/L'Ancresse was backed by sand dunes, similar to those at Les Amarreurs, Port Soif and Grande Rocques.

The Martello tower immediately to the south will not be affected by the realignment of the beach. The public footpath, currently running along the back of the wall, will of course no longer exist and will be relocated to the north of the Martello tower where there is already a well-trodden 'desire line' towards the kiosk and the slipway.

Some States' members have raised concerns about the proposals for L'Ancresse and Deputy Neil Inder, a member of Vale Douzaine, submitted a Requête to the States of Guernsey on the proposed realignment of the coast.

Subject to the outcome of the States debate and funding being secured, two protective rock armour groynes would be constructed - one close to the kiosk and one 200m to the west, near the rock outcrop. The slipway would be unaffected by the proposal and would remain available for access.

Planning consent will be required for a managed realignment of the coast.

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