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Raising awareness of Road Safety during Road Safety Week

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Guernsey will again be doing its part to raise awareness of the dangers of speeding as part of National Road Safety Week.

Traffic and Highway Services, Guernsey Police and Living Streets will work together on a range of road safety initiatives during the week, which runs between 20th and 26th November.

The theme of the national campaign will be to encourage road users to "Speed Down", including around local villages, where schools, shops and pedestrians are present.

Road Safety Officer Rex Williams, from Traffic and Highway Services, said:

"Speed is a significant factor in many crashes on the roads. Driving can be unpredictable. If something unexpected happens on the road, for example, a child stepping out, then it is the driver's speed that is one of the main factors that determines whether the vehicle they are in charge of can stop in time."

As part of the initiative to help raise awareness to younger people, Mr Williams will be also presenting a special video called "Ghost Street" and a road safety talk to year nine students at St Sampson's High.

"The video has been produced to highlight that nationally, traffic is the biggest cause of accidental death for 12-16 year olds. Many teenagers will admit that they can be distracted when they are out and about with friends; this video helps to show the effects that can be caused by their actions."

Roads Policing Sergeant Tom Marshall said:

"Along with speed checks, this year we will be proactive in areas such as unnecessary or unsafe pavement surfing and vehicle safety checks. Our aim is to re-enforce the message that the public highways are for all and as such all users should consider others and act responsibly at all times when in control of a vehicle."   

During Road Safety Week, Living Streets Guernsey will also be promoting the "Be Safe, Be Seen"message at the OSA Recruitment Pop Up Shop in Smith Street.

Tom Le Pelley, from Living Streets Guernsey, said:

"Research has shown that a driver travelling at 40 miles per hour with dipped headlights has as little as 1.5 seconds to react to a hazard on the road.  This rises to just three seconds on main beams so it is very important that pedestrians and cyclists brighten up after dark.

"We will be giving away free high visibility vests during Road Safety Week on a first come first served basis. There will be adult vests in yellow, orange, pink and pale blue and children's vests mainly in yellow but with a few orange, pink and lime green during the first hour of each day.  The shop will be open Monday to Saturday between 10am and 4pm."

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