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Assisted Dying

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Requête - P.2018/24 (Deputy St Pier and 6 other Members)

pdf icon Policy & Resources Committee - Letter of Comment [1Mb]

The States are asked to decide:-

Whether, after consideration of the Requête titled "Assisted Dying" they are of the opinion:-

To direct that:

1. The States agree in principle to the development of a suitable legal regime to permit assisted dying in Guernsey subject to and conditional upon:
    a. the development of appropriate and effective capacity legislation and any other legislation which may be required; and
    b. proposition 2.

2. The Policy & Resources Committee establish a working party with such membership as it sees fit and having consulted appropriately (for example, with members of the public, the Committees for Health & Social Care and Home Affairs, the Guernsey Disability Alliance, relevant UK bodies such as the British Medical Association) to report back to the States of Deliberation within 18 months with recommendations for a suitable legal regime, including consideration of inter alia:

    a. the legal and professional obstacles required to be overcome in order to permit assisted dying in Guernsey;
    b. whether it shall be a requirement that the individual is terminally ill and, if so, the means by which that shall be defined and determined;
    c. whether it shall be a requirement that the individual shall physically administer the final act to themselves or whether it shall be permitted for others to assist;
    d. whether there should be a requirement for individuals to be locally resident;
    e. what measures are required to protect the vulnerable and prevent abuse of the legislation;
    f. the numbers and roles of doctors under any proposed assisted dying legislation and whether they would be permitted to have any conscientious objection to an individual's request; and
   g. the age at which an individual shall have capacity for purposes of consenting under the assisted dying legislation.

3. The Policy & Resources Committee liaise with the States of Alderney to consider whether and how the States of Alderney and the States of Guernsey could work together to minimise the duplication of effort necessary to consider the issues in order to develop a suitable policy and legal regime to permit assisted dying in both islands.

The above Propositions have been submitted to Her Majesty's Procureur for advice on any legal or constitutional implications in accordance with Rule 4(1) of the Rules of Procedure of the States of Deliberation and their Committees.



Requête - Assisted Dying

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