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First update on progress on Policy & Resource Plan published

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Monday 30 April 2018

The publication today of a Policy & Resource Plan update provides the States Assembly and the wider community with opportunity to scrutinise Committees' delivery of the priorities they signed up to last year, the President of the Policy & Resources Committee has said.

Deputy Gavin St Pier said it was clear from the update that much progress had been made against many of the priorities agreed in November 2017, however in some areas increased focus was needed to ensure delivery.

'The Policy & Resource Plan is bringing greater transparency, accountability and gives the States, and in turn the community, clarity in terms of priorities, the States' progress against those priorities, and the role of each political Committee in supporting those priorities.

'It is clear what the States has achieved, for example with digital connectivity and the Children & Young People's Policy. And in some areas the foundations have been laid which will mean greater visible momentum is possible over the next 12 months, such as in the Seafront Enhancement work, the Health & Social Care Partnership of Purpose, and the Disability & Inclusion Strategy. There are also areas where a lack of progress is evident, such as strengthening transport links and certain savings within the Medium Term Financial Plan, and these will be given closer attention.'

This first review has been a baseline exercise in order to give a clear view of the States' current activity in respect of the 23 priority areas. It also sets out how the States will monitor and report on progress in future years.

While the Policy & Resources Committee has concerns about the overall deliverability of the 23 agreed priorities, it does not believe that reprioritisation is necessary at this stage.

Deputy Lyndon Trott, Vice-President of the Policy & Resources Committee, said:

'This process of providing the community with an update on our collectively agreed priorities has helped remind all Committees that we need to focus first, and use our limited resources, on areas of work agreed as a priority.

'What is clear, however, is that the Policy & Resource Plan is starting to achieve the objective of fostering more cross-Committee working as demonstrated in priority areas such as Brexit and the Supported Living and Ageing Well Strategy. Enabling more cross-Committee working is critical in delivering the States-agreed priorities and facilitates sharing of resources and expertise.

'It is clear that we need to establish a consistent way for Committees to work together on shared priorities that enables a dynamic approach and proper governance and accountability. The Policy & Resources Committee will be considering this and setting out recommendations in due course.'

The P&R Plan update highlights work carried out to progress social policy priorities. Deputy Jane Stephens, social policy lead on behalf of the Policy & Resources Committee, said:

'It's heartening to see confirmation in the Policy & Resource Plan update that the States' agreed priorities on social policy development have been the subject of much cross-committee work.

'This States is investing and prioritising resources - financial and people - in work to try and reduce the problems those who are less fortunate in our community face every day. It is also trying to involve the third sector and other experts in a meaningful way as much as possible.

'I strongly believe there is a greater focus on social policy in this States than has been the case in previous terms.'


P&R Plan 2018 Update Summary Combined Policy & Resource Plan Policy Letter and Appendices

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