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Social Security reminds social housing tenants to send in their wage slips to receive Income Support

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Tuesday 03 July 2018

With the new Income Support scheme launching this Friday, Social Security is reminding social housing tenants that they need to send in their latest wage slip if they want to receive income support. Wage slips will also need to be provided on an ongoing basis.

Tenants need to send in their wage slips as soon as they receive them from their employers. This applies to all working members of a household who are part of an income support claim.

There were approximately 900 social housing tenants who were receiving a rent rebate, but not claiming supplementary benefit. Income support claims have been built for about 750 of these tenants, with the remaining 150 either not wishing to claim income support or being over the income or capital limits for income support.

Of the 750 income support claims for social housing tenants not previously on supplementary benefit, there are 390 cases where Social Security still need to see a recent wage slip in order to put the income support claim into payment this Friday.

Social Security are asking those tenants to provide their wage slip immediately.

Malcolm Nutley, Chief Secretary of Employment and Social Security, says 'Please send us a copy of your wage slip immediately if you are living in social housing and the answer to all of these four questions is yes:

 You are in work

 You are not already receiving supplementary benefit

 You have been receiving a rent rebate

 You have not already given us your latest weekly or monthly wage slip'

The fastest way to send in a wage slip is by smart phone with the Guernsey Uploads app, which can be uploaded from the App Store or Google Play. Instructions on how to use the app are available at

Wage slips can also be sent by email to or posted or handed in to Income Support at Edward T Wheadon House, Le Truchot, St Peter Port, GY1 3WH. 2

The Social Security office will be open late, until 6:00 pm, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week (4-6 July 2018) to accept wage slips and help answer any questions about Income Support. The main entrance to Edward T Wheadon House remains open even though there are roadworks in the Truchot. The phone number is 732508.

Income Support replaces the rent rebate and supplementary benefit schemes. The new scheme will treat everyone the same whether they live in the private sector or social housing, including the work requirement for anyone under pension age. The new scheme covers approximately 3,200 households.

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