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E&I is seeking feedback on the proposed taxi rates for 2020

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Taxi fares are reviewed annually, with the last changes made in January 2019.

In order to reflect the increase in the cost of operating a taxi, the Committee for theEnvironment & Infrastructure are proposing an increase of 3.09% to the maximum fares chargeable for the hire of a Taxi. This figure has been calculated in accordance with an established taxi inflation index, known as the 'Halcrow Formula'.

The formula is based 40% on related inflation and 60% on median earnings. Over the 12 month period ending 30 June 2019, taxi operating costs increased by a total of 2.78% with fuel costs increasing by 3p per litre. Other increases were also experienced in vehicle purchasing, servicing and maintenance costs. The increase in average median earnings was 3.3% at the end of 2018, lifting the proposed increase to 3.09%.

In order to facilitate the latest fare proposals, the Committee are also proposing that the charge set on the meter before any journeys commence - the initial standing charge - is increased and, in return, the minimum distance travelled before the first additional 20p fare increment is charged, would increase from 246.5 yards (0.14 miles) to 1,385.32 yards (0.79 miles). The table below shows the proposed increases to the standing charges:

TariffCurrentProposed change
Tariff 1£3.00£4.50
Tariff 2£4.20£6.30
Tariff 3£4.00£6.00
Tariff 4£5.60£8.40
Tariff 5£5.00£7.50
Tariff 6£7.00£10.50

The above change is factored into the overall fare calculation and a basket of fares used to ensure that the 'average' fare increase is 3.09%. As fares increase in increments of 20p - some fares will increase by a higher percentage than others, depending on the tariff selected and the distance covered.

There are no proposed changes to Public Holiday surcharges or baggage charges.

The following sample fares demonstrate the overall effects of the proposed increases:

A formal notice summarising the proposed fare increases has been published in the Gazette Officielle. Should any member of the public wish to comment on the proposed fare increase, they should do so by Wednesday 22nd January 2020 in writing to or:

The Director of Traffic and Highway Services

Bulwer Avenue Office

Bulwer Avenue

St Sampson


For further information on the proposed fare increases, please contact the Passenger Transport Office on 01481 202228.

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