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Up to 600 full face visors could be produced on-island as part of community project

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Tuesday 31 March 2020

Up to 600 full face visors could be produced on-island as part of a community-led project that has been working alongside the States of Guernsey in recent weeks as plans to combat the global pandemic have intensified.

The first 100 face visors, designed to the specification needed by staff in ICU at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital, have been delivered and more are on the way. The visors will be predominately utilised by ICU staff but can also be used across HSC teams, including in a community setting where a procedure that might require such protection is delivered.

Those behind the work are now calling on anyone with access to a 3D printer to come forward and support efforts to produce as many as possible - materials are in place to produce up to 600 in total.

There is a shortage worldwide of protective face visors for use by healthcare professionals. 3D printers can be used to make the headband part of the mask and those behind the initiative have set up a Facebook page 'Guernsey Community 3D Print' so that anyone who can help can find out how, The direct link to the page is

Additionally the same community group, which includes business leaders from the likes of PwC, Atec Engineering, AirFi Networks and Offshore Electronics among many others working closely with staff across the States of Guernsey, arranged the importation of four room purifiers for use in the new 'hot ICU' (formerly the Day Patient Unit). These room purifiers will provide increased protection for staffing working in this areas by 'cleaning' the air and reducing COVID droplets in the environment.

Nick Vermeulen, Partner at PwC and a spokesperson for the group's efforts, said:

"We all just wanted to do something to help and know that sourcing these essentials is very difficult at this time given the global nature of this pandemic. Producing the face visors for the team at the Intensive Care Unit has been a real team effort between the medical professionals, colleagues across the States of Guernsey and the wider community. We have produced 150 so far and have the materials to produce another 450 as needed. Anyone with a 3D printer that they are willing to use is asked to come forward and contact us via or our new Facebook page - Guernsey Community 3D Print."

Deputy Heidi Soulsby, President of the Committee for Health & Social Care, said:

"This is what #GuernseyTogether is all about. Face visors are a critical item to help keep our front-line staff as safe as possible but there is a global shortage so we were struggling to resource our needs through the normal supply chain. There are a lot of people behind this work and far too many for me to thank here individually, but this is such an amazing example of businesses, the community and the States working in partnership. If anyone out there has access to a 3D printer that either isn't being used, or they can release for this essential work, then please get in touch with the community project team. Thank you to all involved."

The community team has included:

Ade Marsh - Atec Engineering

Adrian Vaudin - Sarnia Plastics

Anja Jones - Grammar School

Chris Corcoran - JTC

Chris Morris - States of Guernsey trade/Economic Development

Colin Vaudin - States of Guernsey Chief Information Officer

Dave Inder

Dr David McColl- Medical Specialist Group

Helen Ridgwick - States of Guernsey Procurement Ian Campbell

Interface Devices Ltd

Jac van der Watt - Utmost

James Larbalestier - JL Innovation Ltd

Jes van der Tang - Offshore Electronics

Jim Rouse - Boudlo Forge Limited

John Eaton - Head of ICU at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital

John Fitzpatrick - Sigma Jon Lowe - PwC Jon Prince Justin Bellinger - Sure

Marcel Lenormand - Makerspace

Mark Thompson

Nick Conway

Nick Vermeulen - PwC

Nigel Smith - Grammar School

Paul van der Tang - Offshore Electronics

Pierre Bisson - The Machine Shop

Robert Sillars - Sigma

Russell Clark - Carey Olsen

Trevor Nicholls


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