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Bailiwick Law Enforcement awards 2020

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Tuesday 17 November 2020

The Bailiwick Law Enforcement awards for 2020 took place last night.

The evening was the first celebration of its kind for some time after Covid-19 and other unexpected circumstances saw the event cancelled last November and then again earlier in the year.

Officers of all ranks and levels of experience were recognised for their achievements in helping the Bailiwick community.

Head of Law Enforcement Ruari Hardy said:

"It has been a while since Law Enforcement staff, friends, extended families and our honoured guests have come together for an awards evening. Since the last awards ceremony, the world has changed due to the pandemic and our staff within Law Enforcement have been asked to perform duties which no one could have predicted just over a year ago.

"As ever, it is extremely humbling to be at these awards. The stories that we heard last night really do emphasise that when our staff arrive at work, they really don't know what situations and challenges to expect. Staff work hard sometimes in very challenging circumstances and train thoroughly to try and ensure safe and successful outcomes to so many situations. We interact and work with so many sections of our community. We stand up to those who break the law, we seek to protect the vulnerable who require our assistance. We have also acknowledged as part of our awards the wider charitable work and sporting activities undertaken by staff within Law Enforcement, we have so many remarkable members of staff. I am very proud of the work we do to keep islanders safe.

"I am very grateful for the support we had last night."

Deputy Rob Prow, President of the Committee for Home Affairs, said:

"I was honoured to be invited to attend the Law Enforcement awards evening and in presenting the awards on behalf of the Committee I had the opportunity to speak to the many outstanding police and border agency officers in attendance. These are the people who keep our island safe and secure every day. We are lucky to have them and those receiving awards should be rightly proud of their achievements."


Chief Officer's commendations:

PCs Matthew Le Page and Craig Sharman, Customs Higher Executive Officer Leila Le Poidevin, Police Sergeants Jon Walker and Craig Aitken and PC Daniel Thomas.

Certificates of recognition for members of the wider community who went above and beyond to assist Law Enforcement Officers:

Lauren Read and Joe Tabel helped a man who had fallen about 20 feet from rocks into the sea while fishing, sustaining a number of injuries, including a serious head injury. Ms Read and Mr Tabel heard the man shout for help and then found him struggling to stay above water. They then managed to hold him above water and get the attention of people on shore, who called the emergency services. Upon arriving, Officers were able to lift the man from the water and secure him until the inshore lifeboat arrived.

Certificates of recognition also went to Alan Le Poidevin, Shane Gaudion and Emanuelle Mauger, and Julia Watts Sandra Robilliard and Andrew Warren.

The Andrew Ozanne Trophy for charitable achievement:

Sergeant Ben Rowe for all of the charitable work he does as the Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the Royal British Legion. He and his family are in charge of stocking the Mobile Display Unit locally, and, among many other things, in 2019 he raised £2,070 when he grew his hair for charity and then dyed it orange.

Chief Inspector Richard Mauger Award for outstanding achievement:

PC Daniel Thomas for his quick thinking actions attempting to save a life.

The Len Townsley Award for Meritorious Police Service to the Community:

Sergeant Joanne Reynolds and the Neighbourhood Policing Team for the work they did ahead of lockdown to develop a plan to deal with potential breaches of lockdown by juveniles. Mr Hardy was sent a letter by a member of the community to highlight the team's work. It said that Sergeant Reynolds' work allowed teams working in Youth Justice and social care to target their resources effectively during the unprecedented times earlier in the year. This led to vulnerable young people receiving effective support, advice and guidance.

Island Police Committee Sports Achievement Trophy:

Fleet Manager Geoff Le Page, who swam as part of a six person English Channel relay swim team, completing the latter part of the relay in force five winds. Their efforts raised them £4,666 for local charity Hope for Guernsey.

Special Constabulary Sergeant Frederick Le Noury Trophy:

Special Constable Russell Welbourne, who, when his core role was stood down during lockdown, expressed a desire to remain on operational duties and support his response colleagues. He was deployed with the dog section to support traffic management, and during that time, received numerous reports praising the assistance he offered officers, while ending up "in the thick of it" multiple times. In essence, when times were hard, he stood up and shouldered as much of the burden as he could.

Chief Officer George Le Page Trophy

Sergeant Jonathan Reeves for his work around Domestic Abuse, including a presentation he gave to the Senior Team and all shifts about the subject.

Francis Quin Trophy for Outstanding Contribution to effective team working:

Sergeant Stephen Gilman and PC Nicholas Boughay, who act as BLE College Ambassadors for no additional reward. The resources and events they publicise and make available to all staff across BLE is huge. Through their efforts, they make available opportunities for officers and staff to access resources and attend online webinars and courses. They also raise awareness of these opportunities and ensure officers know what is available to them. Both officers have used their initiative, liaising with Corporate Development to create a College of Policing membership Sharepoint site.

Crimestoppers Achievement Award:

Mr Joseph Irvin pursued and detained a "prolific offender" after returning home to find his front door open. He chased the offender after seeing him run from the house, following them down a 20ft drop into a neighbouring garden. The offender threatened Mr Irvin, but he was not put off and kept up the pursuit for a km, despite an injury. Assisted by others, Mr Irvin detained the offender until Officers arrived.  

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