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The Island's Future Aggregate Supply

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Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure - P.2021/83

The Policy & Resources Committee has submitted a pdf icon Letter of Comment [348kb] on this policy letter. 

The States are asked to decide: -

Whether, after consideration of the Policy Letter entitled 'The Island's Future Aggregate Supply' dated 28th June, 2021 they are of the opinion: -

1a. To agree the principle of on-island quarrying in order to provide the future supply of aggregate for Guernsey (Option A in the policy letter).

Or, only if Proposition 1a shall have been defeated,

1b. To agree the principle that the future supply of aggregate for Guernsey shall be through importation (Option B in the policy letter) on exhaustion of existing aggregate reserves at Les Vardes Quarry.

2. If Proposition 1a is approved:

     a) to agree that Phase 3 of the development of Chouet Headland for quarrying will be subject to a decision of the States as to whether on-island quarrying remains the most appropriate method of supply of aggregate for Guernsey at that time, and to direct the Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure to provide the States with updated evidence to inform their decision no later than five years before the completion of Phase 2.

     b) to direct the Policy & Resources Committee, in consultation with the Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure, to continue negotiations with land owners in relation to Les Vardes Quarry and Chouet Headland, including, where appropriate, in relation to the acquisition of land or the right to use land, in order to best achieve the States of Guernsey's strategic aims in relation to on-island quarrying and other potential future strategic uses and to bring forward its recommendations to the States of Deliberation.

     c) to direct the Development & Planning Authority to complete the Development Framework for Chouet Headland in order to give planning guidance for the area safeguarded for mineral extraction; and

     d) to note Ronez Limited's agreement to offset local negative environmental impacts in the short and long term, to achieve overall biodiversity net gain (see section 10.68).

3. If proposition 1b is approved, to direct the States' Trading and Supervisory Board and the Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure to submit propositions and a policy letter to the States which establishes the infrastructure requirements associated with the importation of aggregate and includes updated estimates of any financial implications to the States of any improvements needed in relation to infrastructure, storage space and other matters to allow for future supply of aggregates through import and any proposals needed for approval of funding of the same.

The above Propositions have been submitted to Her Majesty's Procureur for advice on any legal or constitutional implications in accordance with Rule 4(1) of the Rules of Procedure of the States of Deliberation and their Committees.



P 2021 83 - The Island's Future Aggregate Supply P 2021 83 - The Island's Future Aggregate Supply - Letter of Comment - Policy & Resources Committee

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