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  • What is the Education Strategy?

    • It is the glue that holds our complex system of education together. It shows what we believe is important and lays out our collective aspirations for the whole system. It provides a framework which will help us to deliver a high-quality education for all learners; ensuring that the education system in Guernsey and Alderney is ambitious and aspirational and is securely underpinned by a culture of continuous improvement.
  • How has it been developed?

    • The Education Strategy has been carefully developed over the last 18 months through work with a range of colleagues and leaders across settings and our political Committee to establish, develop and explore our strategic priorities and commitments.
    • It is been built on exactly the areas that leaders in education have highlighted as critical for our system.  The commitments in the strategy were reviewed and adapted repeatedly following exploration with all school and settings leaders and were agreed with the Committee, alongside feedback from young people.  An outline of the strategy has also been shared with all States Members to help them to understand the framework within which our education system will evolve and improve in the years ahead.
  • What impact will it have?

    • The priorities and commitments are high-level, as you would expect any vision to be.  However, we are very clear that the intention and purpose of any education strategy should be to have a visible and tangible impact on the children, young people and adult learners that it serves.
    • The strategy will help us understand what activity is already underway in schools and settings so we are able to prioritise actions and resources which will have the most impact for our learners. It will also allow us to report progress against these priorities in a meaningful way, to parents and carers and to the wider community in order to make sure our system continues to improve and deliver the excellent outcomes our learners deserve.
  • What are the next steps?

    • At the moment we are working with our head teachers and principals to map their own development priorities against the wider education strategy and this will help us to see where we have great practice that we can share across our settings; where we can learn from each other and where we might need to invest time and resource to meet the vision for the whole system. We are also working with a group of aspiring leaders from schools and settings to understand how the central services can best support the sector.
    • We are also continuing to work with stakeholders to make sure the strategy evolves and develops so it continues to meet the needs of learners and their families, our education staff and the wider community.

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