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States Meeting on 7th September 2022 (Billet d'Etats XIII & XIV)

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Items discussed at this Meeting included Justice Framework - Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence, Future Waste Charges & Emergency Uprating of Income Support Rates

  • Watch the States of Deliberation Meeting online

    • States' Meetings are only available to watch back for 180 days. The Hansard Report of what was said in the Meeting is available in the downloads section.
  • Statements 

    • Statement to be given byTopic
      Policy & Resources CommitteeGeneral Update
      Committee for Economic DevelopmentGeneral Update
      A link to each statement is published once it has been delivered in the States Meeting
  • Questions (Rule 11)

    • Question being asked by:Questions
      Deputy St Pier to the Committee for Health & Social Care1. In its recent response to HEAL's open letter in relation to private patients' charging policy, the Committee advised that: "The uplift policy is not specifically set out in an operational policy document and Officers have therefore been requested by the Committee to review the requirement to set out the private pricing policy in this way." 

      Will the Committee please confirm that in developing such an operational policy document, it will give specific consideration to the appropriate policy to apply in the case of self-funded private patients?
      Deputy Gollop to the Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure1. Will a review of the taxi licensing system and controls consider issues such as coloured plate restructuring, demand responsive Uber type systems, and revising requirements for part time drivers including the knowledge system?
       2. Is the Committee aware of some public and hospitality industry concern about taxi availability especially at the airport and late-night early morning duties and the need for maybe new entrants or thinking in the system? 
       3. Has the Committee been disappointed that the contracted scheduled community bus provider was not able to operate special extra services to the West or North Shows or Rocquaine Regatta or Vale Earth Fair for example? 
       4. Why has the bus company CT plus not been able to operate the additional planned summer extra services on routes 71 and 81 this season especially useful for the south coast hotels and the little chapel, especially as they have the minibus fleet?
       5. In view of the significant reduction of evening services especially after 8.35pm and other cancellations every week for the past five months is the committee considering revising the bus contract and or requiring reduced states subsidy payments?
       6. If some aspect of post pandemic bus staff shortages is employment pay and conditions related would it not be sensible and wise to examine the case for States' nationalisation of the public bus services this ensuring drivers would merit key worker status and public sector contractual pay and conditions of service encouraging staff recruitment and retention? 
  • Items deferred from the States Meeting on 13th July 2022

  • Legislation to be laid before the States

  • Propositions and Policy Letters



Billet d'Etat XIII - 7th September 2022 - Cover Only Billet d'Etat XIII - 7th September 2022 - Combined Papers Billet d'Etat XIV - 7th September 2022 - Combined Papers States' Meeting Order Paper - Wednesday 7th September 2022 Resolutions, Billet d’État XIII Resolutions, Billet d’État XIV Hansard Report - Wednesday 7th September 2022 Hansard Report - Thursday 8th September 2022

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