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Summary of supported and mainstream employment opportunities

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Action for Children

Action for Children provides support for young people with issues that are linked to employability, including emotional resilience, setting realistic goals, building confidence, budgeting, and life skills.

Contact details

Action For Children | Children's charity | For safe and happy childhoods

01481 700218

Careers Guernsey

Careers Guernsey provide free, impartial career information, advice and guidance to all ages including education leavers entering the job market, returners to work, career changers and unemployed.

Careers Guernsey provide reliable careers information and work related learning resources to help inform decision making and increase awareness of opportunity.

Any person can access Careers Guernsey services for support with their career and skills development and any additional needs and individual circumstances are factored in.

Visit to find out more.

Contact details

01481 226565

07781 106401 or 07781 10640

Employment and Social Security - Job Centre

The Job Centre provides support to improve people's chances of starting work or increasing their hours of work.

Clients are either supported by an Employment Advisor, Work Rehabilitation Officer or Case Worker.

Support is also available to people who have been away from the workplace for some time.

Contact details

Job Centre Support - States of Guernsey (

01481 222516

Guernsey Employment Trust

Guernsey Employment Trust provides guidance and support for any clients over the age of 16 who may need extra help to prepare for, find, and retain work.

The service is primarily for disabled people or for those who struggle with work due to their mental health or other long-term health conditions.

GET can work with clients who have a criminal record in addition to their disability.

This is decided on a case by case basis.

Contact details

01481 247999

Giving Opportunities

Giving Opportunities provides opportunities for young people in supported work and training.

Contact details 01481 242715 


GROW provides training and work experience for people with learning difficulties and/ or disabilities.

GROW does not work with ex-offenders.

Contact details

Grow Limited Grow Limited | Guernsey's Rural Occupational Workshop

01481 721865

Guernsey Caring for Ex-Offenders

Guernsey Caring for Ex-Offenders assist ex-offenders to resettle into society by providing mentoring and support.

Signposting to resources that can help achieve accommodation, community and employment.

Contact details

07781 124052

Guernsey Prison/Probation Service

The Rehabilitation & Resettlement Strategy (revised in February 2020) is a joint Probation/Prison operating model for the management of offenders

People who offend tend to have a higher incidence of issues in certain areas than the general population. Research shows that Employment, Education, and Training is a key factors that influence reoffending

Contact details

Probation Service - States of Guernsey (

 01481 224337

Guernsey Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals

The GSPCA's mission is to prevent cruelty to all animals; to rescue animals in distress; to provide shelter for strays; to foster and encourage kindness and consideration in the treatment of animals and birds, whether domestic or wild.

They can provide work placements to support those getting back into employment.

Contact details

Home | GSPCA Guernsey

01481 257261

Mill Street Community cafe

The Mill Street Community cafe is a place for acceptance and belonging, discovery and possibilities, making and meeting new friends.

The cafe works with people who have different life experiences and offers an opportunity to learn, volunteer and work together for the benefit for the community.

Contact details

01481 712138


Formerly the Ron Short Centre LBG (the Centre) assists people of all ages with physical or sensory disabilities to access to open employment, or otherwise to participate in a supported social enterprise, as well as to maintain and where possible improve health and well-being.

Contact details

Ron Short Centre | Guernsey (

01481 724333

Youth Commission

The Youth Commission provides holistic support and wellbeing, as well as early intervention, and as such is not directly related to achieving employment

Contact details

Youth Commission for Guernsey & Alderney

01481 226099

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