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Beach recycling hots up for the summer

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Tuesday 27 March 2012

Public Services is launching its drive to increase recycling this Summer with new 'recycling on the go' bins at twelve beach going hotspots.

Public Services Recycling Officer, Tina Norman-Ross said:

"We want islanders and visitors to be able to recycle easily wherever they are".

"A trip to the beach is supposed to be a fun day out with sun, sea, possibly a picnic and of course plenty of ice cream and cold drinks. The new bins are distinctive and clearly labelled for either drinks cans or plastic bottles".

Mrs Norman-Ross explained that in the past there had sometimes been an issue with misuse of the recycling bins at the coastal locations.

"Lack of recognition can lead to general litter being placed in the recycling bins. This can mean that the contents end up having to go to landfill, which completely defeats the object of providing special bins for recycling".

Following the recent States decision to proceed with the new waste strategy, which focuses on waste prevention and high recycling, Mrs Norman-Ross said the Department was now, more than ever, committed to increasing recycling rates.

"The provision of public recycling facilities is part of making recycling a normal activity for all of us. From our perspective we want to maximise recycling so every bit helps, and by making it more convenient for beach goers the scheme will make a very worthwhile contribution".

For more information on recycling go to



Beach recycling was launched in 2009 as a joint initiative between Public Services and the Environment Department at three of Guernsey's most popular beaches - Cobo, Grandes Rocques and Petit Bot. The scheme expanded to a further nine beaches in 2010.

Beach Recycling Bins

1. Grande Rocque

2. Cobo

3. Petit Bot

4. L'Ancresse (By Slipway)

5. Pembroke (By slipway)

6. Ladies Bay (By toilets)

7. Port Soif (car park by the kiosk)

8. Vazon Bay (by main slipway - north)

9. L'Eree (by toilets)

10. Portelet (by the kiosk)

11. Moulin Huet

12. Jerbourg

The scheme is undertaken by staff from the Beach Cleaning teams, Recycling teams and Community Environmental Projects Scheme.

If your company or organisation would like to sponsor a beach recycling bin please contact the Recycling Officer for further information.

Contact information:

Tina Norman-Ross
Recycling Officer
Tel: 01481 202250

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