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Information for Businesses

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Here you will find information, guidance and checklists that will assist in making Guernsey more inclusive.

Awareness of disability and improving access are two key points that will enable both disabled people and their carers to be able to participate more fully in all aspects of island life. The information, guidance and checklists on this page will help to achieve this.


  • How to become more Disability Aware

    • The first step to understand more about disability is to undertake some awareness training.
    • The States of Guernsey has worked with disability organisation AccessAble to produce online training about disability awareness.
      • The disability essentials course is a practical and engaging course which will give you the knowledge and skills to provide a great service to disabled people and their carers. It includes videos of the lived experience of those people with different disabilities.
    • There are five modules.
      • What do we mean by Disability?
      • Disability Equality and the Law
      • Types of impairments
      • Providing a great service for everyone
      • Language
    • The whole course takes about 1 ½ hours, but modules can be done one at a time, depend on the time available.
    • To create a training account follow the link
    • To access the training when you have created the account follow the link
    • Please contact the Disability Officer for more information or further assistance
  • How to become Dementia Friendly

    • There are some easy and basic things that you can do to help someone with dementia.
    • The main thing to remember is that the person cannot be rushed. It is important to be patient and to give that person time. 
    • The guide will explore how Dementia Friendly your business is. Download herepdf icon here [110kb]
    • Dementia Friendly Guernsey run on island awareness sessions. For more information about these sessions download the leaflet pdf icon here [1Mb]. or email

Improving Accessibility

  • How to improve your printed documents

    • There some basic guidelines to follow when designing documents which will help to improve the accessibility of your printed documents for everyone.
      • Use a clear font, like Ariel or caliber
      • Do not use block capitals
      • Ensure good contrast between text and the background
      • Make sure the size of the text can be read easily, 12 point as a minimum but 16 point is better.
      • Do not put text over images.
    • For more information and guidance download the guide .pdf icon here [162kb]
  • How to make your website more accessible

    • There some basic guidelines to follow when designing websites which will help to improve the accessibility.
      • use headings to break down the information into sections
      • use clear and simple language
      • avoid using small fonts
      • provide subtitles for videos
      • ensure good colour contrast
    • For more information and guidance download the guide pdf icon here [161kb]
  • How accessible are your buildings?

    • When thinking about access, getting into the building is only the start of what needs to be considered.
    • The following guide has been developed to explore how accessible your premises are. It covers
      • arriving at the building
      • reception
      • moving around
      • Means of escape in an emergency 
    • It is good practice to have an Access Audit carried out so that you know how accessible your buildings are and are aware of any barriers that someone with a disability might encounter.
  • Accessibility Guides

    • We have partnered with AccessAble to provide factual information about accessibility to over 600 venues and routes in Guernsey and Herm. The venues include restaurants, hotels, cafes, public buildings and businesses. Good, clear information on accessibility enables people to plan their journeys in advance, and to know that they will be able to move around with dignity and without discomfort. Check out the website AccessAble.

Supporting disabled employees

  • Good Practice Guide

    • This guide has been produced by the Guernsey Employment Trust and is intended to be used as a reference document for employers who wish to maximise the potential of disabled people who are, in essence, an untapped workforce but have a huge range of experience and potential. The guide is intended to be practical and helpful and to give employers information that could assist them in the future to meet the requirements of the forthcoming disability discrimination legislation in Guernsey.
    • Download the guide pdf icon here [5Mb] or visit Guernsey Employment Trust.

Customer service

  • Purple Tuesday

    • Purple Tuesday on the 3rd November aims to highlight how the customer experience of 13,000 disabled islanders could be improved for 365 days of the year.
    • Good customer service is really important. It affects where people chose to shop and spend their money. The following documents contain guidance and tips for those in public or customer facing roles
    • Hello, can I help you? pdf icon Can I help you? [1Mb]
    • Top tips- post lockdown advice pdf icon Post lockdown advice [2Mb]
    • Top Tips- customer service pdf icon Customer service [1Mb]
    • We know it is important to make your website easy to navigate around so that information is easy to find. The following documents contain guidance and tips to help with this aim.
    • Top Tips- Producing accessible digital content pdf icon Accessible digital content [2Mb]
    • Top tips- Web accessibility pdf icon Web accessibility [1Mb]

For information about support, services and activities for disabled people and their carers: take a look at our website



SoG Statement of Intent Disability Charter

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