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Bathing Water Quality

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Thirteen of Guernsey's beaches are tested every year against standards conforming to the EU Bathing Water Quality Directive 2006. The Directive sets standards for Escherichia coli and Intestinal enterococci. Samples are collected by Environmental Health and tested by the States' Analyst. Bathing water classification of beaches from 2016 onwards will be determined on a rolling 95th percentile record of the previous four seasons' results to determine if a beach is assessed as 'excellent', 'good', 'sufficient', or 'poor' overall.

Bathing Water Quality Results

The bathing season is between the 1st May and the 30th September. The beach locations have been chosen to provide a representative sample of the island's coast and historically the beaches tested have been considered the most important for swimming.  

It is important to note that bathing water samples only produce a snapshot of conditions and water quality conditions can change even over the course of a day.  Water quality is most often adversely affected by heavy rainfall as surface water run-off from fields and roads on higher ground enters streams and storm drains which run on to beaches.  This run off may be affected by faecal bacteria from grazing animals, dogs and birds.  

The table below will be updated with the most recent bathing water quality results throughout the 2020 bathing season.



Four Year Classification 2016-2019

Most Recent Sample Date


Grandes RocquesExcellent17/08/2020Excellent
Ladies BayGood18/08/2020Excellent
Petit BotPoor17/08/2020Poor
Port SoifExcellent17/08/2020Excellent
Vazon (North)Excellent17/08/2020Excellent



Bathing Water Quality Results 2017 Bathing Water Quality Results 2018 Bathing Water Quality Results 2019

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