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Visit of His Royal Highness the Duke of York
Thursday 29 September 2016

His Royal Highness the Duke of York is visiting the Bailiwick on Monday (3rd October, 2016).

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Benefit and Contribution Rates for 2017
Thursday 29 September 2016

The Committee for Employment & Social Security has produced its annual report for next year's benefit and contribution rates. The proposals will be debated by the States at the beginning of November following the 2017 States Budget.

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Investment Portfolios - Q2 2016 Performance Update
Tuesday 27 September 2016

Valuations of States of Guernsey investment funds have been finalised for the second quarter of 2016.

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Constitution of the States of Deliberation and Committee Responsibilities

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Information on the structure of the States of Guernsey and the responsibilities of each Committee, Board, Commission and Authority.

Guernsey's parliament is called 'The States of Deliberation'. Its meetings are generally held every three weeks, except in school holidays. The items for discussion are listed in a publication called a Billet d'État. . The States of Deliberation have the power to raise taxation, determine expenditure and pass legislation. Information about the Members and the Rules of Procedure can be found within the pdf icon Red Book [2Mb].

  • Constitution of the States of Deliberation

    • The States of Deliberation comprise:
      • Presiding Officer, who is ex officio the Bailiff (or in his absence the Deputy Bailiff, as Deputy Presiding Officer)
      • The two Law Officers of the Crown: Her Majesty's Procureur (Attorney-General) and Her Majesty's Comptroller (Solicitor-General)
      • 38 People's Deputies and two Representatives of the States of Alderney
    • The Bailiff of Guernsey is the ex-officio Presiding Officer. He is also the senior judge of the Bailiwick of Guernsey and the first citizen of the Bailiwick.
    • It is the Presiding Officer's duty to maintain order, moderate debate and regulate the conduct of business.
    • The Law Officers of the Crown have seats ex officio: they have a voice but no vote.
    • The 38 Deputies are elected in seven districts.There are two representatives from the Parliament of the island of Alderney which is known as the States of Alderney. All 40 members stand as independents and Guernsey Deputies are elected for a period of 4 years.
    • Guernsey's system of government operates on a system based on consensus as there are no political parties in Guernsey.
    • In addition to the Bailiff, Deputy Bailiff and the Law Officers of the Crown who are Crown appointments, Her Majesty The Queen also appoints a Lieutenant Governor, who is her personal representative in the Bailiwick.

On May 1st the structure of Guernsey's Government changed. There are fewer Deputies (a reduction from 45 to 38) and six Principal Committees rather than ten Departments. The new structure is shown in the pdf icon attached diagram [166kb] and more detail is provided below on the responsibilities of each Committee.

You can also select the thumbnail images on this page to find out which services each Committee is responsible for.

Senior Committee:

Principal Committees:

Authorities, Boards and Commissions:



Reformed structure of government - May 2016 Red Book

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