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A Framework for Public Service Reform

Public Service Reform

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Public service reform is a ten-year plan to transform the organisation, management and the delivery of services to customers.

The aim is to build a single public service organisation, one that works in partnership with outside expertise, organising and delivering services centred on those who use them, and using money wisely and carefully. An organisation designed around meeting community needs, rather than expecting the customer to adapt to the public service's internal procedures and structures. One which has adopted technology and a 'one-stop, tell us once' approach to make our services easier to access and use.

The document sets out how to make reform happen, with four overall priorities, each of which is linked:

  1. Improving customer engagement and satisfaction
  2. Delivering and demonstrating value for money
  3. Improving staff engagement and satisfaction
  4. Enhancing organisational performance measurement and management

To support those priorities, three workstreams have been identified that are critical to their successful delivery and which are set out in greater detail in the document:

You can access a copy of the framework here: or you can open a copy in the downloads section of this page.  Summary leaflets are also available in Latvian, Portuguese and Polish.

Updated: May 2016


A Framework for public service reform Framework for Public Sector Reform Summary Leaflet Framework for Public Sector Reform Latvian Summary Leaflet Framework for Public Sector Reform Portuguese Summary Leaflet Framework for Public Sector Reform Polish Summary Leaflet

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