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Moving home or leaving the Island (change of residential address)

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Whether you are moving within the island or leaving the island, you will need to inform a number of organisations of your new address (sometimes before you move). Some suggestions are listed below (this list is not exhaustive, but should cover most). If you are relocating to Guernsey, follow this link to find out more.

  • Utilities​

    • Ideally at least two working days before you move, so final readings and bills can be arranged, you will need to contact the utilities that you use, which may include: Guernsey GasElectricityWater, and States Works for sewage collection (tel. 247163) and perhaps your oil delivery company.

You can inform all States of Guernsey services in one go here

  • States of Guernsey services

    • If you already have a utility bill, statement or other proof of address for your new home, you can inform all States of Guernsey services in one go here (this excludes the utilities, as mentioned above). Please note, in some cases you may be required to provide some additional information to individual service areas, but you will be prompted for this after you have submitted your address change.
    • Alternatively, you can continue to contact the service areas individually, including the following, which you may be legally obliged to inform: Vehicle Licensing and Driving Licensing, Income Tax, Social Security, Housing Control and any others you are in contact with, for example: Health and Social Services, Planning and Building Control.
    • If you are buying the property you are moving to, you will need to pdf icon complete this form and send it to Income Tax [256kb] if you would like your tax coding to be adjusted.
    • If you are leaving the island, you will need to inform Social Security and Income Tax as a minimum. This can be done in one go here. You will also need to let Income Tax know some further details via pdf icon form 348 [266kb]. You can find some extra pdf icon guidance here. [161kb]
  • Others

    • Home phone/mobile/broadband providers: Airtel-Vodafone, JT and Sure; Your GP and dentist and don't forget to tell the vet if you have pets and the parish constables if you have a dog licence. Constables' contact details are on the Refuse Collections page.
    • For information on your new home's school catchment, please follow this link.
    • Also, don't forget to tell your employer, bank and insurance providers (vehicle, health, home, pet, travel etc) and any magazines or memberships you subscribe to.
    • In case you miss any, you can redirect your post from your old to your new address if you are moving within (or away from) the Bailiwick. Contact Guernsey Post to set that up.







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