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MyGov Customer Hub: Change is Coming

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Change is coming  

The way the States of Guernsey delivers customer services is changing from June 2022.  

The States of Guernsey is going through a period of considerable change to build a single public service organisation, one that works in partnership with outside expertise, organising and delivering services centred on those who use them, and using money wisely and carefully.  

Services will be designed around meeting community needs, rather than expecting the customer to adapt to the public service's internal procedures and structures. Services will utilise technology and a 'one-stop, tell us once' approach to improve access and use. 

The single public service organisation has four overall priorities: 

Traffic & Highways Services - Driver & Vehicle licencing  

From 13 June 2022, Driver & Vehicle Licencing Services (DVL) will be moving to the new Customer Hub based at Edward T Wheadon House - the MyGov Customer Hub.  

The way customers apply for licences etc will not be changing initially, but towards the end of 2022 we will be launching functionality to enable online submissions for DVL services to be made by individuals using the MyGov App (see below). 

Details of the services provided, along with application forms to download, will remain available at to reduce the need to visit Edward T Wheadon House. 

Not all services provided by Traffic & Highways Services will be managed by the Customer Hub. Further information regarding services such as theory tests will be provided in due course. Practical driving tests will remain at Bulwer Avenue while discussions take place with potential new tenants, and we settle upon a new location.  

If you need any further information about Traffic & Highways Services moving location, please email 


The first step in this change process is the introduction of the MyGov Customer Hub which is bringing together many customer facing services delivered by the States of Guernsey into one service. In the future customers will have a single point of contact for many services.  

MyGov App is the online portal which customers will use to complete transactions with government at a time that suits them. Many people will have already used the MyGov platform to complete their personal tax returns online. The App will continue to expand as more services are added, thereby shifting government engagement online. 

Sitting behind MyGov will be the MyGov Customer Hub based at Edward T Wheadon House, Le Truchot, St Peter Port which will deal with any phone, email or in person enquiries, along with processing the online applications which are submitted via MyGov. 

Please check back here for more information as we head towards the moving date and to find out which online services have been added to the MyGov app.  

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