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Commercial Animal Movements

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  • Commercial vs Non-commercial Pet Travel

    • A non-commercial movement is defined as 'any movement which does not have as its aim either the sale or the transfer of ownership of a pet animal'. For example, an owner travelling on the ferry to Guernsey with their pet dog is classed as a non-commercial movement.
    • Movements of pets, which do not fall within the definition of 'non-commercial movement' are classed as commercial imports.
      • This includes all rescue charities that import pets for rehoming in the Bailiwick.
      • Such movements are highly regulated because this is classified as trade.
  • Non-Commercial EU Pet Movements

    • The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) defines a 'pet animal' as a dog, cat or ferret, accompanied by their owner or a natural person responsible for the animal during their movement, not intended to be sold or transferred to another owner.
      • These movements can occur using approved carriers and approved routes.
      • Entries into importing countries have to pass through 'travellers points of entry' (TPE).
      • A maximum of five pets at a time can accompany an owner under PETS rules.
      • An authorised person can accompany the pets, but the owner has to be reunited with their pets within 5 days of both the owner and pet travelling.
      • More information on pet movements can be found here
  • Commercial Pet Movements 

    • As well as meeting the PETS requirements above, there are additional requirements for commercial movements as follows:
      • Importer must apply for an import licence.
        • An application form is available here
      • Commercial pet movements from the EU must comply with and be accompanied by an 'export health certificate' (EHC) issued by an authorised vet in the exporting country. This will include:
        • departure from a holding registered with the EU Member State of origin;
        • a clinical examination within 48 hours of dispatch from the holding which is carried out by a vet authorised by the competent authority who certifies that the animals are free of contagious disease and are fit and healthy to travel;
        • import into a destination address (not necessarily registered).
      • Importers must complete an animal import notification at least 24 hours prior to arrival in Guernsey.
    • When transporting animals commercially by sea, air or road in the EU/UK transporters must have an EU/UK transport authorisation.
      • Further information on UK transport authorisations can be found here
      • Further information on EU transport authorisations can be found here.
      • Persons commercially transporting animals must comply with animal welfare during transport regulations in all countries that the movement occurs through.
    • Commercial animal movements to/from the EU must come through a border control post. 
  • Off Island Traders / Hawkins Licence

    • Vendors travelling to Guernsey to sell animals may have to apply for an 'Off Island Traders Licence' or a 'Hawkers Licence'.
      • Follow this link for further information. 


Animal/Animal Product Import Application Form Animal Import Notification Approved Carriers and Routes

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