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Community Service

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The Community Service Scheme is run out of the Probation Service and was introduced in the Bailiwick in 2007.

Community Service, sometimes referred to as 'unpaid work' or 'community payback', is a sentence which can be imposed by all of the Bailiwick's Courts. An individual sentenced to Community Service will complete unpaid work for the benefit of the community. Orders made by the Alderney and Sark Courts are performed in those Islands.

Community Service Orders can be worked in the form of group sessions or individual placements. A thorough assessment will be made by the Community Service Team to determine the suitability of individuals.

Our beneficiaries are all charities and 'not for profit' organisations. If you are a charity or 'not for profit' organisation within the Bailiwick of Guernsey and feel that you could support the Community Service Scheme by providing an unpaid work placement, or would like some assistance with a bigger project, please contact the Team (email: to discuss your requirements.

  • Quotes from our beneficiaries in 2021

    • "Thank you so much for all your work and help. We would have not be able to deliver our festival without your investment. This is much appreciated" - Jean-Christophe Godet, Guernsey Photography Festival
    • "I went to have a look this afternoon and I must commend your Community Service on a brilliant job that they have done. Please thank them very much for making the path and placing the bark chippings at the Wild Spot." - Sarah Plumley, Forest Floral Group
    • "We cannot thank your team enough for helping the National Trust of Guernsey make our annual Viaer Marchi event such a great success. Their assistance with the set up on the Sunday was invaluable and we could not have managed to do it without all their help." - National Trust Guernsey
    • "Anyway yes, sadly for me, XXX is all finished. He's been absolutely great and we are all going to miss having him around." - Susan Le Poidevin, Salvation Army
  • Examples of work undertaken

    • Les Cotils Christian Centre

      • Before
        Les Cotils Christian Centre - before

      • After
        Les Cotils Christian Centre - after

    • La Houguette School

      • Before
        La Houguette School - before

      • After
        La Houguette School - after

    • Grantez Mill

      • Before
        Grantez Mill - before 1 Grantez Mill - before 2

      • After
        Grantez Mill - after 1 Grantez Mill - after 2

The total annual hours worked by the individuals sentenced to Community Service over the last 5 years is as follows:












It should be noted that the figure for 2021 is much higher than previous years due to the impact of the COVID-19 lockdowns.


Community Service - Information Leaflet Fair Processing Notice - Probation

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