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COVID-19 Status Certificates (Vaccine Passports)

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2D bar codes are available for fully vaccinated Bailiwick of Guernsey residents as part of their digital vaccination certification.

Please note, the 2D bar code digital vaccination certificate, available to Bailiwick residents through the Travel Tracker, will include information on their booster. 

Confirmation of a booster will not appear on your digital vaccination certificate until 14 days after you have it. 

If you are due to travel, please ensure that you have checked the travel requirements for adults and children for your destination, as these can sometimes be subject to last minute changes. We also recommend you download a copy of your digital certificate ahead of travel which is valid for 180 days from the date of generation.

Guernsey's vaccination certificates

Guernsey's proof of vaccination certificates have been developed to closely align in format, content and security features to those being issued in the UK and the other Crown Dependencies, but with clear branding for the Government of Guernsey as the issuing authority. This approach has been taken to ensure that the certificates issued for the Bailiwick of Guernsey are easily recognised and accepted when used for travel outside the Bailiwick and particularly outside the Common Travel Area (CTA).

However, Bailiwick of Guernsey residents wanting to travel internationally need to be aware that it cannot be guaranteed that Bailiwick-issued certification will be accepted when entering a specific country as it is at the discretion of the border control officer(s), and sometimes transport carriers dependent on the processes in place for checking proof of vaccination.

Vaccination 2D bar codes

As of Thursday 16 December 2021, the 2D bar code digital vaccination certificate, available to Bailiwick residents through the Travel Tracker, will include information on their booster.

The codes are available through Travel Tracker accounts and can be accessed by logging into your account (or creating an account if you do not already have one) and selecting your COVID-19 Status Certificate. The 2D bar code will come up automatically when you do this.

Once a Travel Tracker account is logged onto it brings up a 2D barcode, which is valid for 180 days. Once expired, this will automatically refresh online, when logging into the Travel Tracker account. The number of remaining days are shown at the top of the code. If people are away from the island or offline when it expires they will need to connect to wi-fi or data in order for the 2D barcode to update online.

Please note:

For the most frequently asked questions about 2D barcodes, please go to:

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