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Crevichon Ward

Comments, Compliments and Complaints - Health and Social Care

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Crevichon is the in-patient facility, for the Adult Mental Health Service.

  • Our Service

    • People who are experiencing severe symptoms of mental ill health may need to spend some time in hospital. It is our aim to:
      • Provide care in the least restrictive environment.
      • Reduce service users' vulnerability to crisis and maximise their resilience.
      • Minimise the length of hospital admission by facilitating early discharge with active involvement in discharge planning
    • This is achieved by:
      • Undertaking detailed assessment by skilled and experienced mental health practitioners.
      • Identifying the needs of persons in crisis to inform future safety planning and positive risk taking.
      • 24 hour, 7day week service availability.
      • Multi-disciplinary team approach
      • Offering intensive, treatment, support, information, education, and medication management.
      • By flexibly using the environment of the ward to manage extreme vulnerability and ill health in a low stimulus area
      • Providing support, information and education for relatives and carers
      • Linking service users, relatives and carers to other services for ongoing support as appropriate on discharge
      • Work closely with involved and allied services ensuring efficient communication and service co-ordination.
      • Ensure a collaborative approach, which considers the contributions, needs and health and safety of service users, relatives, carers, general public and staff.
  • Discharges from Crevichon

    • Discharge planning starts at the earliest opportunity as part of the care planning process. Where discharge has been agreed, and community services are to be involved in aftercare, staff in the acute inpatient unit and the relevant community team work closely to coordinate the discharge.
    • As a minimum, there will be a communication prior to discharge between the named professional and the GP. Before discharge can occur, a review meeting will take place with all of the people involved in the care and treatment of the service user. This is in order to agree the network of support required during the discharge process and ongoing treatment and follow up to enable the person to stay well.
    • The discharge process summarises the treatment completed, agrees discharge and identifies relapse indicators and relapse prevention plans. A relapse prevention plan will be completed in collaboration with the service user and carer(s), where possible and the service user, carer and GP will receive a copy of the agreed relapse prevention plan and post discharge management plan, this may include the development of a self-management tool (WRAP, Recovery STaR).
    • At any point in a service user's care, they can decide to no longer be involved with the services. This will need careful clinical overview. It may be that for most people this could happen safely but for others attempts to assertively engage the person will be made.
  • Seven-Day Follow-up

    • Follow-up from inpatient care is good clinical practice and a key performance indicator for the HSC. Follow up must be by a suitable member of the clinical team, can be in person or by telephone and should be within seven calendar days of discharge (by telephone and within 48 hours for the inpatient ward). Seven day follow up must be recorded on Trak to include type of contact e.g. telephone, face to face.
    • Close communication between the acute unit and the community/outpatient mental health teams is essential to ensure that post discharge follow-up arrangements are met and a named clinician has lead responsibility for ensuring this happens.
  • Out-Of-Hours Contact with the Service

    • Mental Health Services provide a 24 hour/seven day service for the Island. This consists of a two tier on-call rota. The Associate Specialist provides the frontline response with a Consultant Psychiatrist available at all times.
    • For service users who are well known to the service and currently under the care of the service, Crevichon Ward may act as a source of telephonic support and advice outside working hours.
    • The majority of referrals out of hours come from Primary Care or the Emergency Department.

For any further information you can contact The Oberlands Centre on 01481 725241.

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