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Elections & Electoral Roll

General Elections are held in Guernsey every four years to appoint 38 Deputies to the States of Deliberation.

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The next General Election is due to be held in June 2021, but the feasibility of holding an election in November 2020 or in March, April or May 2021 (instead of June 2021) is been reviewed.

Registration for voting in the next General Election is now open and can be found here. All Election 2021 information, including how to register online, can be found here:

  • Electoral Districts

    • Following the October 2018 referendum on Island-wide voting the 2021 General Election will class the whole Island as one electoral district. This means electors will have a greater choice of candidates to consider. It also means there will be some changes to how the election is run. All Election 2021 information, including how to register online, can be found here:
  • Electoral Roll

    • You can register online to be added onto the Electoral Roll
    • To vote in elections in Guernsey you need to register to be included on the Electoral Roll. To be eligible to register to vote, you must be:
      • 15 years of age or older (you won't be able to vote until you're 16)
      • have been ordinarily resident in Guernsey for the last two years consecutively or for a total of five years at any time
      • ordinarily resident in Guernsey
    • There are no nationality restrictions surrounding registration on the Electoral Roll.
    • If you move house or change your name, you will need to tell us, otherwise your details will be incorrect. You can tell us by using the States of Guernsey My Details function here:
  • Voting

    • In the 2021 General Election each voter will be able to select up to 38 candidates on the ballot paper. This can be done either in person at a designated polling station or at home by opting for a postal vote. It is likely that polling stations will be open for more than one day. Full details on how and where to vote will be released nearer to the election.
  • Credit Referencing

    • In Guernsey, the details on the Electoral Roll are not supplied to credit reference agencies. To prove that you are on the Electoral Roll, you may request confirmation of your registration from the Electoral Roll Office by completing the form available for download on this page.
  • Results of the election on 27th April 2016



Credit Reference Application Form

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