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Energy Policy: Managing the Energy Transition

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The Energy Policy 2020 - 2050 provides direction to the energy market for long-term planning and investment, to manage the transition to decarbonisation and increased electrification for consumers. This will ensure that Guernsey keeps up to date with global decarbonisation trends, regulations, technologies, industry practises and innovation.

The Energy Policy can be read in full at You can find a quick summary of the Energy Policy, a Guide to key terms and Frequently Asked Questions in the download section.

The energy team engaged with stakeholders across the Island and with local energy market representatives. The discovery and engagement period was a chance for energy providers, industry experts, and members of the public to discuss their current energy market experience and their role in the future. Stakeholders have played a key role in energy policy development

  • Research

    • The States of Guernsey and Guernsey Electricity Ltd commissioned a report on future energy demand in order to better understand the future energy mix on a local scale. The Energy Demand Forecast Report and Energy Infrastructure Options report are available in the downloads section. A summary of policy options has also been produced, based on the future energy demand forecast, on energy efficiency and decarbonisation. Commercially sensitive information has been redacted.
  • Discovery & Engagement

    • The energy team held a variety of events with different stakeholders. One of these events was a two-day workshop in October 2018. A pre-questionnaire was sent out to all attendees to respond to and each group took part in an individual 30 minute feedback session with the Energy Team and members of the Committee for Environment & Infrastructure to present their feedback and to answer any questions raised. A copy of attendees and the pre-submission headings can be found below. Feedback was summarised and anonymised for publication, and commercially sensitive comments removed.
    • pdf icon Energy Workshop Attendees & PreSubmission Headings [447kb]
    • pdf icon Media Release: Energy Workshop [569kb]   
  • Energy Forum

    • Energy industry representatives were invited to join an Energy Forum. This Forum met for the first time on 22nd November 2018 to discuss the feedback that came out of the workshops. The Energy Forum have met regularly to develop the Energy Policy.
    • The Energy Forum met on the following dates and discussed a number of key topics:
      • 22 November 2018 - Industry Representatives and Workshop feedback.
      • 17 January 2019 - Update on Policy progression, CICRA: Regulation, what makes a positive regulatory environment and relationship with organisations in a regulated market, States of Jersey: Challenges faced by the energy market from a government perspective.
      • 21 March 2019 - Presentation of Draft Energy Policy.
      • 9 August 2019 - Review of Draft Energy Policy.
      • 7 February 2020 - Presentation of Final Draft Energy Policy.
  • Energy Focus Groups

    • Island Global Research held three Focus Groups Island Global Research (IGR) during the first quarter of 2019 with stakeholders recruited from the IGR market research panel with a range of interests (agriculture, commercial business, boat owners, housing and property developers and home owners) with a mixed demographic profile by age and gender.The objective of engagement with Focus Groups was to explore what principles, values and assumptions this stakeholder group held with regards to the 'Energy Trilemma' and what behavioural changes they would be willing to make to reduce reliance on hydrocarbons and to improve  energy efficiency.
      • Focus Group 1, 'An exploratory session on Workshop feedback, the Energy Trilemma and the Draft Energy Policy pillars' 28 January 2019;
      • Focus Group 2, 'A problem-solving session' 13 February 2019; and
      • Focus Group 3, 'Feedback/Reaction session on the Draft Energy Policy' 13 March 2019.
    • pdf icon Focus Group Report April 2019 [5Mb]
  • Energy Ideathons

    • The Energy team worked collaboratively with the Guernsey Innovation Network (GIN) and the Digital Greenhouse to host two Ideathons on energy use. Young stakeholders from the Grammar School, and Graduate Officers from the States of Guernsey, took part and were primed to think about their energy habits and behaviours.
    • pdf icon Ideathon Report 2019 [696kb]





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