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Parents' Guide to Exclusions

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Exclusion can be a difficult and worrying time for both you and your child. This page guides you through the exclusion process. It explains your responsibilities as the parent of a pupil who has been excluded, the responsibilities of the school and those of the States of Guernsey.

  • What is an exclusion?

    • An exclusion is a very serious matter. It occurs when the Headteacher of a school, after careful consideration, decides that a pupil is not to attend school because of unacceptable behaviour.
    • Our guidance allows fixed-term exclusions. The length of any exclusion should be appropriate to the seriousness of the pupil's behaviour/conduct.
    • Individual exclusions should always be for the shortest time possible, bearing in mind that an exclusion of more than a day or two fragments a pupil's education. One to three days is often long enough to secure the benefits of exclusion without adverse educational consequences.
  • Why are pupils excluded?

    • Pupils are excluded from school by the Headteacher when:
      • there has been a serious or persistent breach of the school's Behaviour Management Policy.
      • allowing the pupil to remain in school represents a serious risk to harming the education of the pupil or others in the school.
      • a pupil's presence on the school site would seriously harm the health, safety and welfare of themselves and other pupils or school staff.
  • What happens when my child is excluded from school?

    • Whenever possible your child's Headteacher will contact you directly to inform you of the exclusion.
    • You will receive a letter by post from your child's Headteacher stating:
      • why your child has been excluded;
      • the length of the exclusion;
      • the arrangements for a reintegration meeting
      • your right of appeal.
    • It is the responsibility of the school to ensure that all pupils have continued access to education. This will include providing appropriate work.
  • Fixed term exclusion up to 20 days

    • The Headteacher is responsible for: convening a meeting with you, your child and appropriate school and support agency staff as early as possible within the exclusion period, to begin to develop a support plan for your child's re-entry to school.
    • The support plan will be discussed and agreed with you at the re-entry meeting.
    • An Education Officer may attend this meeting.
  • Fixed term Exclusion over 20 days

    • Following an exclusion of over 20 days it is the responsibility of the States of Guernsey to convene an Education Placement Meeting which should take place within 15 school working days of notification of the exclusion, and will establish the most appropriate way to meet your child's needs.
  • What is the Education Placement Panel?

    • The Panel will comprise a Senior Officer from the States of Guernsey Education Services and an Education Development Officer. A representative from Services for Children and Maternity Services may attend as an advisor to the meeting.
    • In addition to the headteacher or his/her nominated representative, you as the parents and your child are always invited and it is extremely important that you attend. Representatives from other agencies may also be invited to attend where relevant.
    • After all the available evidence has been heard at the Education Placement Meeting, the Panel can make one of four recommendations:
      • that the pupil returns to the same school, with conditions, to continue with his/her education;
      • that the pupil transfers to another States of Guernsey school;
      • the pupil remains on the school roll and is provided with an alternative education package
      • that the pupil's needs and educational requirements may best be met other than in school and further assessment may be required.
    • The Panel will want to know which option everyone feels would be the best for the pupil. No recommendations are made without careful consideration.
    • You will be advised verbally of the outcome by the School Attendance Officer within 24 hours of the Panel meeting. Written notification will be made within 3 working days.
    • You have the right of Appeal to the Director of Education against the decision of the Education Placement Panel. Please contact the Director of Education, Grange Road, St Peter Port GY1 3AU or for details on how to make an appeal.
  • What are my rights and responsibilities?

    • You should:
      • Familiarise yourself with the School's Behaviour Management Policy.
      • If your child is having problems, keep in close contact with the school.
      • Do everything you can to support the school staff and other professionals in their attempts to improve your child's behaviour. If you and the school are working together, most problems can be sorted out.
      • Make sure you can always be reached in an emergency.
      • Always attend meetings to which you are invited.
      • If your child is excluded make sure the work set is completed. Keep your child as busy as possible. An exclusion is a time for pupils to consider their behaviour, not an additional school holiday.
      • Make arrangements, if necessary, for the work set by the school to be assessed by the school and returned.
      • Make sure your child realises that an exclusion from school is very serious.
  • What should I do next?

    • When you receive the letter of notification of exclusion:
      • Talk with your child
      • Check the exclusion details
      • Decide if you wish to discuss the exclusion with any of the following - School, School Attendance Officer, Education Officer
      • Attend the re-entry meeting or the Education Placement Panel Meeting
  • Who should I contact for more information?

    • In the first instance contact your child's school. However, if you wish to discuss the procedures for exercising your Right of Appeal against an Exclusion of more than five days, please contact us on 733000 and ask to speak to an Education Officer or a School Attendance Officer.

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