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Report litter and fly-tipping

Contact Us - Litter and Fly-tipping

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This page shares how to report incidents of littering and fly tipping and also includes some top tips to prevent your home or workplace from being a target of this antisocial behaviour.

  • How to report litter

    • If you have discovered significant littering in a public place, please fill out the contact us form here.
    • Please include as much information as possible including, the amount and type of litter, the location, approximate volumes and any details of the individual(s) or vehicle(s) involved. Supporting photos or videos of the incident are welcomed, please attach this to your report.This will then be passed on to the relevant team to follow up on.
    • If there is significant volumes of litter outside a corporate building it would be best to report this directly to the firm or organisation in question.
  • What is fly tipping

    • Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste. Fly-tipped waste can be found anywhere, ranging from places such as pavements, car parks, next to waste bins and lay-bys, to private land. A whole range of waste types can be fly-tipped ranging from a single bag of rubbish or furniture, to large volumes of construction and demolition debris and hazardous waste.
  • What to do if I witness fly tipping

    • If you witness fly tipping please do not touch it. Report straight away to Guernsey Waste by filling out the form here. If you have a smart phone/camera please take photos and send them through with your report. Please ensure you detail as much information as possible such as description of the individual(s), details of any vehicles used, location of the waste, description of the waste (this is all included on the form).
  • What to do if I have fly tipped waste on my land/property

    • Under the law fly tipping does fall to the landowner to remove and dispose of the waste. However, if you have any evidence such as a witness, CCTV or physical evidence within the waste this can potentially be pursued further.
    • If you have had fly tipping on your land/property, please fill out the form Report litter and fly-tipping including as much detail as possible. Someone from Guernsey Waste will be in touch with you to advise further.
  • What happens to my report now

    • Your report will now be sent to the Guernsey Waste Team who will review the details and will come back to you within 24 hours (Monday - Friday 8.45am - 4:30pm) to advise on next steps. Please note this may require your report being passed on to another service area to investigate further.
  • What happens to fly tippers if caught 

    • Anyone caught dumping rubbish inappropriately i.e. fly tipping or in a public litter bin, can be prosecuted under the Refuse Disposal Ordinance. Conviction carries a fine of up to £5,000 or a prison sentence of up to three months.
  • How to secure my property/business

    • These tips can help prevent fly-tippers abusing your property/business. Try to work out why your area is being targeted. You can then take steps to make your property/business less vulnerable. What works will depend on your circumstances.
    • Physical improvements:
      • Prevent access by installing gates and barriers. These can be in keeping with the natural environment, e.g. in the form of boulders and bunds. Make sure that you are not permanently blocking a public right of way.  Ensure you seek the necessary permissions before installing anything.
      • Make sure gates are closed when not in use.
      • Improve visibility so that fly-tippers are not hidden from view - limited clearing of areas or small-scale re-landscaping can reduce hidden corners
      • Install or improve lighting.
    • Deterrence:
      • Consider installing CCTV (check with the Office of Data Protection Authority before installing any cameras)
      • Signage - put up signs to deter potential fly-tippers e.g. 'CCTV cameras in operation' (ensure you seek the necessary permissions before installing anything)
      • Work with neighbours to monitor fly-tipping in your area.
    • Site management:
      • Keep areas tidy - untidy areas attract fly-tippers.
      • Remove fly-tipped waste quickly before others think they've found a good place to dump their waste as well.
      • Supervise any activities on your land involving large deliveries, especially for construction or agriculture.
  • Contact us

    • If you require any further information or advice, please contact the Guernsey Waste Team on 01481 221234 or email





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