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Commercial & Non-commercial Food Imports

Contact Us - Environmental Health and Pollution Regulation

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Passengers are asked to take note of the new customs requirements (since Brexit) when importing goods from the EU as well as which agri-food products (food, animals and plant material) can be brought between France (and the rest of the EU) and the Bailiwick.

Foods that are not allowed into the Bailiwick must be seized and destroyed. If you are purchasing food from outside of the EU or UK, even for personal use, you are advised to contact the Office of Environmental Health & Pollution Regulation.

Currently there is no limit on the importation of food from the EU providing it is for personal use, subject to the personal allowances criteria. However please note some foods may be considered 'high risk plants' and so these may have importation requirements as explained below.

'High risk' plants and plant material from the EU must be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate which is issued by the originating country.  You must notify the Animal & Plant Health Inspector (01481 221161) prior to importation.  These items will be subject to documentary and identity checks on arrival in Guernsey.  The complete list of 'high risk plants' and plant material can be found here but passengers are notably reminded that all plants and plant material for planting, as well as potatoes, and some seeds and logs must be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate.

Further information regarding the importation, legislation, and movement of plant material between Guernsey and the EU can be found at here.

  • Who will this apply to?

    • This information will apply to passengers looking to travel into Guernsey by the ferry as well as those travelling directly to Guernsey from the EU via aircraft.
    • Officers are working with the travel operators to remind passengers of these rules prior to their trip but signs and bins will also be provided at the ports so that plants and plant material that fall within these definitions that are not accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate can be voluntarily disposed of.  If designated plants / plant material are not accompanied by the relevant certificate and are not voluntarily disposed of then they will be subject to seizure and destruction and must be declared to Customs at the time of arrival into the Bailiwick.

The types and volumes of agri-food products that can be imported to Guernsey from the EU are subject to change but media updates and information on the States of Guernsey website will be provided so that passengers are pre-warned and prepared.

  • Commercial Importation of Food

    • UK food:
    • Food brought to the Bailiwick from the UK is not subject to any hygiene checks.
    • Food purchased outside of the UK:
    • All food purchased outside of the UK is subject to a number of checks, and some products of animal origin (meat, dairy, honey, fish products etc) may not be permitted to enter the Bailiwick in any quantity.
    • The UK are finalising plans for their Border Target Operating Model which introduces checks on products of animal origin and other sanitary and phytosanitary goods. Once the new measures are in place in the UK similar measures will be introduced within the Bailiwick.
    • Biosecurity and food safety checks are made on imported goods as part of our routine trading arrangements. Registered food businesses should use the Import Notification Form to provide details of food imports in advance of their arrival in the Bailiwick. Importers are advised to attach their Import Notification Form to their import declaration on GEMS to avoid delays. 
    • Food importers should note that potatoes, herbs for planting and some seeds will require a phytosanitary certificate. Further information is available from here.



Import Notification

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