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Travel and Health

Comments, Compliments and Complaints - Health and Social Care

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Whether you are visiting our beautiful Islands, or live here and are planning a trip abroad, here is some important information you should know about healthcare before you travel.

  • Healthcare information for visitors to the Bailiwick of Guernsey

    • Countries without a Health Agreement (including the UK)
    • Guernsey does not currently have a reciprocal health agreement with the UK or Europe, as it is independent of both the NHS and those holding European Health Insurance Cards (E.H.I.C.)
    • If you require medical assistant while visiting the Islands from the UK, or other Non-Reciprocal Countries, you will need to pay for all medical services, including primary care, hospital accommodation, radiology, pathology, pharmacy and physiotherapy.
    • Services that incur a charge:
      • Primary Care
      • Hospital medical costs: hospital beds, radiology, pathology, pharmacy
      • Prescriptions
      • GP in the Emergency Department (ED) at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Guernsey or the Mignot Memorial Hospital, Alderney
      • General Practitioner (GP) call outs
      • GP at their Surgery
      • Dentists in their Surgery or at ED
      • Physiotherapy requested by the GP
      • Ambulance journeys
    • Services that do not incur a charge:
    • Those visitors to the Bailiwick from Non-Reciprocal Countries who fall under the following categories do not have to pay:
      • UK prisoners at Les Nicolles Prison
      • Immediately necessary hospital treatment for certain contagious diseases (Link to the contagious diseases list)
      • Immediately necessary hospital treatment of individuals who are symptomatic of a sexually transmitted disease. HIV is not included expect for initial diagnostic testing and associated counselling
      • Immediately necessary compulsory psychiatric treatment
      • Military Personnel on active duty with Her Majesty's Service are eligible for free treatment
    • Repatriation
    • If you find yourself in the unthinkable position of losing a loved one which visiting the Island, there are some logistical issues that you will need to consider and require help with.
    • Repatriation costs can be costly, as there may be a need to charter a plane or for clinical staff to accompany you. It is important to understand that the visitor, or their insurer, will need to meet these costs.
    • The PEH offers a Spiritual Care Service, who are on hand to help and support however possible. Contact Rev Linda Le Vasseur, on, call on (01481) 725241, ext 4699 or 07781 458421, evenings or at the weekend.
    • Primary Care
    • If you need to see a GP while you are visiting, call one of the local surgeries (link to a pdf of GP surgeries in the Bailiwick). Each surgery has a 24 hour service (emergencies only after 6pm).
    • Prescriptions charges
    • You will be charged the full cost of any prescription item, which includes oxygen, if you need these while you are visiting.
    • Dental treatment
    • All dental surgeries are listed in the yellow pages of the local telephone directory. If you require a dentist outside of normal working hours, telephone the Princess Elizabeth Hospital switchboard (01481) 725241. The switchboard operator will be able to advise you of the dental practice "on call". All dentists are private practitioners and a fee will be payable by all visitors.
    • Emergency Services
    • The St John Ambulance and Rescue Service is Guernsey's only emergency ambulance service. The Ambulance Station can be contacted on (01481) 725211. If you require an ambulance, in an emergency, call 999 or 112, you will be taken to the ED at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital. Please note, there will be a fee charged for ambulance transport.
    • Alderney Ambulance Station can be contacted on (01481) 823783.
    • Countries with a Bilateral Health Agreement
    • The Bailiwick of Guernsey has Bilateral Health Agreements with a number of countries. This enables visitors from those countries to receive treatment free or charge, excluding consultations and treatment in ED.
    • Countries with a Bilateral Health Agreement with Guernsey:
      • Australia
      • Austria
      • Iceland
      • Jersey
      • New Zealand
      • Portugal
      • Sweden
    • Repatriation
    • Repatriation costs are not covered under Bilateral Health Agreements.
  • What if I need dialysis while I'm visiting?

    • The Renal Unit at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital can offer dialysis slots for visitors.
    • While spaces in Guernsey are limited, requests can be met if arrangements are made in good time before you travel.
    • Where do I start?
    • Call or email the Renal Unit, on 01481 711495 or and speak to the holiday co-ordinator to check availability of slots and make a provisional booking.
    • Confirmation of acceptance will depend on the following:
      • a 6-month history of well-tolerated dialysis sessions - please be aware that we do not have a renal medical team on site
      • the consultant signing the fitness to dialyse statement at the front on the application form
      • dialysis access is permanent, non-problematic and at least 6 months old
    • All relevant documents, including those listed below, would need to be sent by you, or your Unit, to the Guernsey Renal Unit at least 4 weeks prior to your trip:
      • patients latest Biochemistry, Haematology, Virology, CRE (Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae) and MRSA screen
      • Signed certificate of authority for funding for the holiday dialysis session/s
      • Up to date blood results, and hepatitis screens
    • ** Unfortunately we are unable to accept dialysis patients who are Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, CRE or MRSA positive**
    • If medication needs to be given by the unit staff, e.g., EPO, then the home unit, along with a copy of the prescription, must provide it.
    • Exact days and times of dialysis sessions cannot be confirmed until two weeks prior to arrival. It is the responsibility of the person coming to Guernsey, or their Unit, to contact us and confirm dates and times two weeks prior to arrival.
    • We also ask that dialysis units inform us of any change in the holiday person's dialysis prescription, health status or access that may occur between their initial holiday booking and actual holiday.
    • We would recommend that you do not book your flights, ferry or accommodation until you have received confirmation from us, of your holiday dialysis booking.
    • What's next?
    • As Guernsey is not part of the NHS nor a member of the European Community (EC), the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is not valid on Island. The cost of a dialysis session is currently £366 (subject to change - please contact the unit for cost confirmation) and we will require a funding certificate (included in the download pack) to be completed, before we will be able to confirm your dialysis sessions.
    • Once the forms have been sent to us, please contact the unit to confirm your suitability for satellite unit dialysis and your provisional dialysis dates and times.
    • Book your holiday!
    • Please ensure you have adequate travel insurance.
    • We would also ask that any change to your dialysis prescription, e.g. a change to dry weight, heparin dose, hours etc. is made in advance of your holiday.
    • If you are on the transplant list:
      • make sure you give your holiday contact details to your transplant co-ordinator
      • make sure you are insured for the cost of a flight home should you be called for transplantation.
  • Healthcare information for Guernsey residents travelling abroad

    • Countries without a Health Agreement (including the UK)
    • UK
    • Currently, there is no reciprocal health agreement with the UK. If you require medical or *Hospital treatment while you are in the UK (England, Scotland and Wales), and do not have private medical insurance, you will be responsible for paying the full cost for the care you have received from the NHS Trust that has provides this treatment.
    • For general enquiries in the United Kingdom contact:
    • For European Health Insurance Card (E.H.I.C.) enquiries, contact:
      • T: 0845 606 2030
    • Services that do not incur a charge:
      • Hospital treatment that you receive in an Accident & Emergency Department or Walk-in-Centre
      • Those engaging in employment with an employer who has his principal place of business in the UK or is registered in the UK as a branch of an overseas company
      • Those engaging in employment as a self-employed person whose principal place of business is in the UK
      • Those pursuing full time course of study which is of at least six months duration.
      • Contagious diseases for which immediately necessary treatment will be provided without charge (Link to the contagious diseases list)
    • GP charges
    • Charges for treatment given in a GP's surgery are at the discretion of the GP. Further queries regarding charges can be addressed by logging on to the Department of Health Website.
    • Rest of world
    • All Countries, with the exception of Australia, Austria, Iceland, Jersey, New Zealand, Portugal & Sweden, will charge, in full, for any medical treatment received while visiting. These costs must be met in full by you or your Insurance company.
    • Repatriation
    • If you find yourself in the unthinkable position of losing a loved one while away from home, there are some logistical issues that you will need to consider and require help with.
    • Should you require special arrangements to return to Guernsey, repatriation costs will need to meet by you or your insurer.
    • Countries with a Bilateral Health Agreement
    • A Bilateral Health Agreement covers / assists the cost of essential medical treatment, (including some other health services and subsidised medicines) for Guernsey residents when travelling in countries covered by this agreement.
    • Destinations that have a Bilateral Health Agreement with the Bailiwick only provide immediately necessary treatment and will not necessarily cover all costs associated with treatment.
    • Countries that have an agreement with the Bailiwick of Guernsey:
      • Australia
      • Jersey
      • Portugal
      • Austria
      • Iceland
      • New Zealand
      • Sweden
    • What healthcare is not covered?
    • GP, Dentists or any other health care professionals you may need to see. Prescriptions and repatriation costs are also subject to charges.
    • What would be useful to take with me?
      • You may require proof of residency in the Bailiwick, e.g. your Guernsey Health Benefit Card (issued by the Committee for Employment and Social Security) and/or your passport
      • Always take enough medication with you for the duration of your stay and a few extra in case of delays in travelling
    • Repatriation
    • Should you be required to make special travel arrangements to return to the Bailiwick via repatriation from any Country you visit, the financial responsibility will sit with you or your insurers.

Further information regarding medical care in other countries can be obtained from the respective Consulates, Tourist Information Offices or their websites.


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