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Registers of all Regulated Health Professionals

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The Registered Health Professionals Ordinance, 2006 requires Health and Social Care to maintain a register of all regulated health professionals.

All registers held by Health and Social Care can be viewed below. You can search the registers for a name or a profession using the search bar above.

With effect from 1 April 2017 all nurses and midwives working in Guernsey and Alderney must be registered with HSC. This is the first time that this group of health professionals have had to register with HSC if they wish to practice as registered nurses/midwives/health visitors.

There is no charge for the registration. the application form is available here:  msword icon Health Professional Registration Form [87kb] or paper copies can be obtained by contacting Linda Nel on 725241 or email

Registers maintained by HSC:

pdf icon Art therapists [164kb]

pdf icon Dentists [194kb]

pdf icon Bailiwick Medical Practitioners -Part 1 - GPs [209kb]

pdf icon Bailiwick Medical Practitioners Part 2 - MSG [197kb]

pdf icon Bailiwick Medical Practitioners - Part 3 - HSC doctors [208kb]

pdf icon Bailiwick of Guernsey Medical Practitioners Part 4 - Others [180kb]

pdf icon Biomedical scientists [180kb]

pdf icon Chiropodists June 2017 [175kb]

pdf icon Chiropractors [168kb]

pdf icon Dental Hygienist [170kb]

pdf icon Dental Nurse [184kb]

pdf icon Dieticians [169kb]

pdf icon Health Visitors [178kb]

pdf icon Hearing Aid Dispensers [173kb]

pdf icon Midwives [191kb]

pdf icon Nurses [489kb]

pdf icon occupational therapist [182kb]

pdf icon Operating Department Practitioners [176kb]

pdf icon Orthoptists [167kb]

pdf icon Osteopaths [177kb]

pdf icon Paramedic [178kb]

pdf icon Pharmacist [189kb]

pdf icon Physiotherapists [195kb]

pdf icon Prosthetists [169kb]

pdf icon Psychologists [182kb]

pdf icon Radiographers [181kb]

pdf icon Social Workers [210kb]

pdf icon Speech & Language Therapists [174kb]



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