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Future Model of Health and Care

HSC has set out its plans to transform health and care services delivered across the Bailiwick over the next 10 years. The Policy Letter which describes these plans in detail, was passed by the States on 13th December 2017.

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​The proposals that will be taken forward will ensure that islanders are at the heart of the health and care system, and are based on greater integration between providers, focusing on prevention and offering greater support in the community.

This improved integration will see providers come together through a Partnership of Purpose. The Partnership will bring together service providers such as GPs, medical specialists, third sector and other health and care organisations, all working with HSC and listening to the users of those services, to offer better coordination for the range of care islanders receive on a daily basis. It will provide continuous coordinated care, centred on the needs of the user and which makes every contact count. For service users, the collaboration between the providers will mean that the course of care should be seamless.

Health and care services provided by the Partnership of Purpose will be more joined up physically through a number of easily accessible sites called Community Hubs, linked to a Main Campus at the PEH site, with a Satellite Campus in Alderney. A Principal Community Hub will be established that brings together a range of community services currently scattered across Guernsey.

A walk-in clinic will be established at the PEH Campus to offer convenient access to a range of medical and social services.

The Partnership of Purpose will be responsible for providing a range of health and care services, either free or at subsidised rates and known as the Universal Offer. This represents the core set of services that all Bailiwick residents should have access to.

Building on the Universal Offer, all islanders will be issued a Care Passport that will set out their entitlement to services. This will recognise that, at certain stages of life, such as women during pregnancy, islanders may require additional services over and above the standard offer. This will also be one way to support those islanders with multiple long-term conditions.

The creation of a Bailiwick Health and Wellbeing Commission, bringing together the public, private and third sectors, will help raise awareness, encourage healthy lifestyle choices and take proactive steps to improve islanders' general health and wellbeing, mentally and physically. The Universal Offer will include social prescribing schemes such as arts activities, mindfulness, group learning, gardening and cooking that will help people take greater responsibility for their health and care.

A user app will be available that will begin as a directory of services provided by the Partnership of Purpose, but will evolve to enable appointments to be booked directly and eventually become the primary means by which islanders can find details of the Universal Offer, access their Care Passport and know their entitlement to health and care services.

In November 2017 HSC published its recommendations in a Policy Letter which can be downloaded from the downloads section on this page. The States debated the Policy Letter on 13th December 2017 and voted unanimously in favour of implementing the recommendations. 

The documents produced at the start of this transformation programme (the case for change, the 2020 Vision etc) can be found below.

pdf icon Background Information [892kb]

pdf icon Why do we need to change? [220kb]

pdf icon The Case for Change - presentation June 2017 [604kb]

pdf icon 2020 Vision Update 2013 [901kb]

pdf icon Future 2020 Vision of the Health and Social Services Department [1Mb]

pdf icon HSC Transformation Public Feedback [554kb]

pdf icon BDO Executive Summary Report 2015 (Appendix II) [1Mb]

pdf icon Phase 2 Policy & Resources Plan [8Mb]

pdf icon The Health Profile for Guernsey and Alderney 2013-15 [5Mb]

pdf icon Guernsey and Alderney Healthy Lifestyle Survey 2013 [5Mb]

pdf icon Engagement Timeline [271kb]

pdf icon Partnership of Purpose Presentation [1Mb]

  • 20/20 Vision

    • People are living longer and there will be fewer working-aged men and women paying the taxes and Social Security contributions that fund health and social care for the Bailiwick of Guernsey.
    • A huge amount of good work commenced under the previous Health and Social Services Department.  In 2011 they published the 2020 Vision, which was then revised in 2013.
    • This was the starting point for HSSD as a basis of the transformation programme.  It was then re launched by the new Committee for Health & Social Care in 2016.
    • The 'Thinking differently. Working differently' programme builds on the legacy of the 2020 Vision.  The 2020 Vision identified the challenges being faced by the States in terms of increasing demand on services and an ageing population.  This vision will help HSC and the States to decide what actions need to be taken to enable people to live healthy and independent lives.






HSC Review of Political Term - 2016 to 2018 13.11.17 - Policy Letter 13.11.17 Media Release - future of health and care policy letter

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