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Housing Action Group

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The Housing Action Group is responsible for researching options to provide quick and innovative solutions towards meeting the current increase in demand and shortage of supply for suitable and affordable accommodation.

The Group will define what can be delivered in the short term (12 months), what can be set in motion for the medium term and will also examine the potential to reduce timescales for current planning and development requirements.

Following the purchase of Kenilworth Vinery, a list of Frequently Asked Questions has been created.

  • Which Committees are represented on the Housing Action Group?

    • The Housing Action Group includes the Presidents of the following Committees:
      • Policy & Resources Committee
      • Committee for Employment & Social Security
      • Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure
      • Development & Planning Authority
  • What is 'affordable housing'?

    • 'Affordable housing' means property that's reserved for certain groups of people who can't afford to rent or buy property on the private market and includes social housing and intermediate housing.
    • Social Housing is owned and controlled by the States or a registered housing association and is reserved for households on low incomes or with other needs identified by Employment & Social Security (ESS). This includes specialised housing including extra care, accommodation which includes an element of care or a need identified by ESS and could include any type identified by ESS as having needs (e.g. key worker).
    • Intermediate Housing is also owned or controlled by the States or a registered housing association, but in contrast to social housing, intermediate housing can be offered on a basis that includes part ownership. It includes partial ownership housing, shared equity or low cost ownership or similar schemes mainly for households that are ineligible for social housing but cannot meet the full cost of renting or buying appropriate housing on the private market without some form of subsidy.
  • What work is being carried out by the Housing Action Group?

    • The work of the Housing Action Group comes under four projects:
    • Land Supply Project - Where to build?
    • This project will identify sites that are suitable for affordable housing, and if needed, purchase land. The Project team will look at land and properties that are already owned by the States of Guernsey and decide if any of the existing properties can be redeveloped or refurbished for affordable housing. The purchase of any land will require funding approval.
    • Housing Requirements Project - What to build?
    • This Project will identify how much housing is required to be built. Developments will be for social housing, the Partial Ownership Scheme and homes for key workers. We will determine what type and size properties need to be built. The Project team will also look at the development of specialised housing.
    • Type of Development Project - How to build?
    • This Project will decide what types of housing will be built on identified sites. We will work closely with the construction industry to understand what capacity there is for building new properties. The Project team will research all potential development methods that could be used.
    • Non-development Policy Intervention Project
    • This project will consider methods to increase the housing supply in the private housing market,  explore opportunities to maximise existing stock and consider interim accommodation solutions.

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