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Household Waste & Recycling Centre

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The purpose-built HWRC is where you can take everyday household items for reuse, recycling or disposal. Most items are accepted free of charge. However you will have to pay to dispose of materials that are not recyclable or reusable, as well as for mattresses, which are costly to recycle.

When you arrive you will be met by one of our friendly site staff. They will have a look at what you are bringing and let you know where to drop them off. If you have a lot of items, or something heavy to drop off, and would like a helping hand, let the site staff know.

COVID 19: If you are positive or have any symptoms we ask that you kindly stay away from our sites until you're negative and symptom free to ensure the safety of our customers and staff.

CHRISTMAS OPENING TIMES: Please note there are changes to opening times over the Christmas period. Make sure you check the opening times below before coming down to site.

  • Opening times 

    • Opening times 
      Monday to Saturday (closed all day on Thursdays)OPEN 8am - 4pm  
      Sunday OPEN 8am - 12pm 
      Bank Holidays CLOSED                                                          
      Christmas 2023 opening times 
      Friday 22 December - Saturday 23 December8am - 4pm
      Sunday 24 December8am - 11am
      Monday 25 December - Tuesday 26 DecemberCLOSED
      Wednesday 27 December8am - 4pm
      Thursday 28 DecemberCLOSED
      Friday 29 December - Saturday 30 December8am - 4pm
      Sunday 31 December8am - 12pm
      Monday 1 JanuaryCLOSED
      Tuesday 2 January8am - 4pm
  • Items accepted for recycling

    • Please note that some of these items will be subject to a charge* (i.e. Mattresses). For more information please go to the 'Charging Guidance' section.
      • Air conditioning units
      • Batteries - household & car
      • Bicycles
      • Blue and clear recycling bags
      • Brita water filters
      • Bubble wrap and polythene (clear & clean)
      • Bulky cardboard
      • CDs and DVDs
      • Clothing, shoes & textiles (please ensure clothes are bagged)
      • Domestic appliances (e.g. cookers, fridges, freezers, televisions, tumble driers, washing machines)
      • Electrical cable
      • Fire extinguishers
      • Fluorescent tubes & low energy light bulbs
      • Food waste
      • Furniture- in good, reusable condition
      • Gas cylinders (not welding)
      • Glass (drinking glasses, vases, plate glass, etc.)
      • Inert waste (e.g. bricks, blocks, ceramics, hardcore, stone)- no limit on volumes, but Operator discretion to be applied. Large volumes to be diverted to Longue Hougue Land Reclamation Site where the standard charge will be applied
      • Mattresses (charges apply - see charging guidance section for more info)
      • Oil- cooking and motor
      • Rigid plastics (e.g. clean plastic containers, large plastic toys)
      • Plasterboard (dry and relatively clean, e.g. without insulation, wallpaper, screws and tiles attached)
      • Power tools
      • Printer cartridges
      • Reuse items - in good condition, for our Reuse Centre
      • Scrap metal (e.g. cutlery, hand tools, metal furniture nails/screws/bolts, pans)
      • Small electrical items (e.g. CD & DVD players, computers, microwaves)
      • uPVC doors and windows
    • Please note, this list is not definitive and is subject to change
    • Please do not place any batteries, electrical items (such as Christmas lights) flares, or large metal items in general waste as these present a hazard or can cause damage at the processing stage. 
  • Items accepted for disposal

    • Please note these items will be subject to a charge. For more information please go to the 'Charging Guidance' section.
      • General household waste (e.g. black bags)
      • Furniture (including soft furnishings) if not suitable for reuse
      • Paint
      • Polystyrene
      • Polythene that is not clear and clean, e.g. coal/compost sacks
      • VHS tapes 
      • Wood
    • Please note, this list is not definitive and is subject to change.
  • Charging Guidance

    • Items/materials Items/materialsIndicative charge
      Standard charge:
      Black sacks/bags (up to 90 litre) or equivalent volume
      No charge if correct payment sticker is applied to bags.
      £3.07 per bag (up to 90 litre) or equivalent 
      1 bag x £3.07 =  £3.07
      2 bags x £3.07 =  £6.14
      3 bags x £3.07 =  £9.21
      4 bags x £3.07 =  £12.28
      5 bags x £3.07 =  £15.35
      6 bags x £3.07 =  £18.42
      7 bags x £3.07 =  £21.49
      8 bags x £3.07 =  £24.56
      9 bags x £3.07 =  £27.63
      10 bags x £3.07 =  £30.70
      Cot Mattress
      Single Mattress
      Single Bed Base
      Double Mattress
      Double Bed Base
      Single Armchair
      2 Seater Settee
      3 Seater Settee
      Small wooden furniture item 
      Medium wooden furniture item 
      Large wooden furniture item 
      Other items:
      Non-recyclable Bath 
      One Ton Bag 
      As per black bag charges 
      Blue Bags/Clear Bags
      Other Recyclables
      Free - check for contamination
      Charges are payable on arrival (card payment only)
    • Minimum charge: £3.07
    • Loose or oversized bagged waste is charged based on the volume equivalent of £3.07 per standard bin bag (90 litre). 
    • Please do not place any batteries, electrical items (such as Christmas lights), flares, or large metal items in general waste as these present a hazard or can cause damage at the processing stage.
  • Items not accepted

    • Please note the following items are not accepted at the Household Waste & Recycling Centre.
      • Any items from a commercial source
      • Any items which could cause pollution/contamination
      • Asbestos (any form)
      • Chemicals (any form)
      • Clinical waste
      • Garden waste
      • Powders or loose fibres
      • Welding gas cylinders
    • Please note, this list is not definitive and is subject to change.
  • Electrical Items Guidance

    • Many electrical items contain batteries, even some computer equipment that run from mains power. These pose a significant fire risk unless handled correctly, so we ask everyone to be extra cautious when dropping off any such items.
    • Any cordless and/or rechargeable electrical item (including electric toothbrushes, mobile phones, laptop computers, shavers, electronic scales, etc.) will have a battery. So too do all PCs (although you can't see it). 
    • Please make sure you remove batteries first and dispose of those separately in the bins provided at the HWRC. If you are unable to, because they are difficult to get to, please hand the item to a member of staff. They will then deal with it in the appropriate manner.
    • Remember it may not always be obvious if there is a battery.  If in doubt, please check with staff.  It is important that we ensure against the risk of fire. 
  • Vehicle acceptance

    • Please note, the laden weight limit for vehicles entering the site is 3.5 tonnes; any vehicles above that weight will not be permitted entry to the site.
    • We realise that there will be times when customers wish to bring their household waste/recycling to the site and need to use a commercial vehicle to do so. Commercial vehicles with a laden weight of less than 3.5 tonnes are permitted to enter the site, but only to bring your own waste and recycling. Commercial waste/recycling is not permitted, so you may be challenged if you bring waste/recycling to the site in a commercial vehicle, and may also be required to complete a disclaimer.
  • Reuse Centre

    • Guernsey Waste is operating the Reuse Centre at the Household Waste & Recycling Centre, and working with charity and not-for-profit off-takers to give unwanted items a new lease of life. This ensures they don't go to waste, and also enables us to support a greater number of charity partners.
    • If you have good quality items that need a new home, please donate them to a charity of your choice or advertise them online (such as on or, or social media channels such as Guernsey Ebuy). But if you have potentially reusable items that you are not sure of, or if you need a one-stop solution to get rid of your waste, please inquire at the Reuse Centre or see a member of staff to find out whether your items could be reused.
    • If you are a charity or not-for-profit organisation that is interested in receiving items for reuse please contact us.
  • Site Rules

    • 1.  No commercial waste
    • 2.  Unacceptable items may not be deposited at this site. A list of acceptable and unacceptable items to deposit is available from site staff and in the sections above on this page. 
    • 3.  ALL visitors must report to site staff BEFORE unloading and must comply with staff instructions at all times.
    • 4.  Site users not complying with the site rules (and code of conduct) may be asked to leave the site.
    • 5.  Children under the age of 12 must remain in the vehicle at all times and pets are not permitted on site.
    • 6.  We advise the use of suitable footwear and gloves when using the site.
    • 7.  No smoking, eating or drinking is permitted on site.
    • 8.  Unauthorised removal of any item(s) may result in a criminal prosecution.
    • 9.  Abuse or violence against staff will not be tolerated and will be reported to the police.
  • Code of Conduct

    • What is expected of site users?
    • Above all else, site users are expected to behave in a safe, polite and courteous manner, abide by the site rules, and follow the instructions of staff at all times.
    • The States of Guernsey will not tolerate any intimidation or abuse on site, whether directed at staff or other site users. anyone who does not abide by this shall be issued with a verbal or written warning, and persistent offenders will be banned.
    • Equally the States of Guernsey will not tolerate such behaviour from its staff. Should you have any concerns in this respect please ask to speak to the Site Supervisor.
    • Site operations are licenced under the Environmental Pollution (Guernsey) Law, 2004. Guernsey Waste has a duty of care and is required to take reasonable measures to prevent any contravention of the Law.
    • What is expected of site staff?
    • Our staff are there primarily to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the site. For the most part this will involve directing visitors to the correct areas when dropping items off, ensuring the site rules are observed, and answering any queries. From time to time they may have to close areas to enable the safe changeover of containers and/or collections by our recycling partners. Patience from site users is appreciated.
    • Staff are not there to unload vehicles, but can provide assistance if required. This will be at the vehicle owner's risk.
    • Staff must always remain polite and courteous, and maintain the site so that it is clean and tidy. Should you consider that these standards are not being upheld, please speak to the Site Supervisor in the first instance.
  • Data Disclaimer

    • Computers, smartphones and similar devices may contain personal data and other information that can be recovered from the hard disk or memory, even after steps to delete that information, including reformatting or rewriting over disks and drives.
    • If you dispose of unwanted equipment of this type it is your responsibility to ensure that all information has been securely removed, if necessary by specialist contractors.
    • The States of Guernsey and the operators of the site accept No responsibility for any loss or damage of any description, however that might arise and of whatever nature resulting from the disposal of any such equipment at this Site and its subsequent recycling, recovery or acquisition by any third party.
    • In disposing of such equipment you accept and agree to the terms and conditions of this disclaimer.
  • Comments, Compliments and Complaints

    • We value feedback from our customers and are keen to know how we can improve.  If you would like to provide feedback to us, both positive and negative, then please use the contact us button on this page.
    • To make a formal complaint, please write to:
    • Operations Manager, Guernsey Waste, States Works, La Hure Mare, Vale, GY3 5UD or email 
    • Please also follow @RecycleForGsy on Facebook, Twitter and  Instagram for the latest updates and news.


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