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Freedom of Information

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Guernsey operates a Freedom of Information Code. You can find the Code and details of how it works on this page.

Should you have any queries in relation to applying the Freedom of Information Code or if there is any issue not referred to on this page, please email

Please note you must be a Bailiwick of Guernsey resident to request information this way. This can be as an individual or a company, body or organisation.

  • What is the Freedom of Information Code?

    • In June 2021, the States of Guernsey agreed the updated Freedom of Information Code pdf icon States of Guernsey Freedom of Information Code [362kb]  (previously known as the Access to Public Information Code of Practice) with the following core principles:
      • A presumption of disclosure
      • A corporate approach
      • A culture of openness
      • Pro-active publication
      • Effective record management
    • Like all governments, notwithstanding the presumption of disclosure in the balance of the public interest, the States of Guernsey will need to keep some information confidential, and it has a duty to protect the proper privacy of those it concerns.
    • The Freedom of Information Code describes the exceptions that should be applied to the presumption of disclosure in order to meet these duties and protect Guernsey's legal, commercial, competitive or public interests. The exceptions can be applied to a document as a whole or to part of a document through redaction of information.
  • How do I apply for information under the Freedom of Information Code?

    • The Freedom of Information Code applies to all States of Guernsey Committees and service areas and can be applied to all requests for information. Requests should be made in writing and should expressly state that the information is being requested under the "Freedom of Information Code".  The request should be sent to or you can send a request by post to:
    • Information Requests
      Office of the Policy & Resources Committee
      Sir Charles Frossard House
      St Peter Port
      GY1 1FH
    • The Code is not designed to replace the handling of routine requests, where those requests can be dealt with simply and quickly by communication through a telephone call, email or in a face-to-face meeting.
    • The requestor should consider how broad the request is and seek to limit the question to focus on the information required. This limits the use of staff resources on accessing information that is not necessary.
    • The request should include the requestor's contact address and details so that the relevant section can discuss the matter with the requestor if necessary to clarify the request and ensure that it is clear where the response should be sent.
    • The relevant section will seek to respond to the requestor with the information within 20 working days. Alternatively if one of the exceptions is being applied, the reasons why information has been withheld should be given. If it is not possible to respond within 20 working days an explanation should be given as to why there will be a delay in responding to the request.
    • If the requestor is not content with the response they may ask for the matter to be considered by the relevant political committee. If the requestor is still not content with the request they may ask for the matter to be referred to the Policy & Resources Committee for consideration.
    • This mechanism for requesting does not replace the process of applying for information under the Data Protection (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 2017. Guidance on data protection in Guernsey can be found on our Data Protection page.
  • How do I respond to Freedom of Information requests?

  • Commissioned Reports

    • In July 2013, the States agreed that:
    • "Every Department and Committee [were] to publish details (namely the title of the report, who it is commissioned by and from and date of commission) of all reports commissioned by the Department or Committee within six months of that report being commissioned, unless the publication of such detail would fall within one of the exceptions from disclosure set out in the Freedom of Information Code."
    • A list of the reports commissioned is available in the downloads section of this page.

Freedom of Information Requests and Responses:

Freedom of Information Appeals:

  • Decision Notices

26 - 05 - 23 - pdf icon Freedom of Information Appeals Panel - Decision Notice - March 23 [203kb]

22 - 04 - 24 - pdf icon Freedom of Information Appeals Panel - Decision Notice - October 23 [159kb]

22 - 04 - 24 - pdf icon Freedom of Information Appeals Panel - Decision Notice - January 24 [124kb]


States of Guernsey Freedom of Information Code Guidance on the Freedom of Information Code Guide to the Freedom of Information Appeals Panel Freedom of Information Appeals Panel Application Form Commissioned Reports 2023

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