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Keep Guernsey Green Award

The 'Keep Guernsey Green Award' was established in 2006 to enable organisations to demonstrate their commitment to the environment through waste management and energy conservation. Organisations were also asked to show how they raise awareness of the importance of environmental issues.

From September 2019, the 'Keep Guernsey Green Award' has been incorporated into the 'ESIM Environmental Operations Award' run by ESI Monitor. ESI Monitor is a privately funded organisation, which is passionate about the environment and want to help develop Guernsey as a centre for green finance and a recognised leader in sustainable business.

The Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure recognised that developments to the KGGA were needed in order to encompass a greater focus (locally and nationally) on environmental issues especially in regards to Corporate Social Responsiblity (CSR) and Green Finance.

ESI Monitor has carried out benchmarking of the KGGA framework against national and European standards. Following this work, the new enhanced framework has been developed incorporating wider sustainability criteria and mitigation action.A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by both ESI Monitor and the Office of the Committee for the Environment and Infrastructure which will ensure that the principles of the ESIM Environmental Operations Award aligns with government priorities relating to the conservation, protection and enhancement of the environment.

Current holders of the "Keep Guernsey Green Award" will be able to transfer over to the ESIM Environmental Operations Award during the remainder of their three-year period.

ESI Monitor will also be launching a local community business champion award, rating businesses for their contribution to the local community. With both awards, consumers and stakeholders will be able to view information on individual organisations commitments to people, planet and prosperity. It is hoped that those participating businesses will be rewarded by consumers and stakeholders for their commitment and that this will encourage more businesses and organisations to participate.

More information on the ESIM Environmental Operations Award is available at:

History of the KGGA

The 'Keep Guernsey Green Award' was offered by the States of Guernsey and administered by the Agriculture, Countryside and Land Management Service.

The Award was an opportunity for Guernsey organisations to publicise their commitment to the environment. Possession of the award demonstrated to customers, staff and business partners that the organisation:

The organisation was accredited for three years after a review and assessment of the organisation's waste management plans and practices. 

Each organisation was allocated an assessor who worked with the organisation providing support throughout the process of achieving the award; the assessor assisted in helping to complete the self-assessment in such a way that will form a positive recommendation to the Verification Panel. The assessor gave advice on where best practice expertise can be accessed, and make suggestions and recommendations.  


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