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Liquor Licences

Contact Us - Liquor Licensing Officer

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The Office of the Committee for Home Affairs (''The Office'') is responsible for regulating liquor licensing legislation within Guernsey and Herm. The sale and supply of alcohol in Guernsey and Herm is regulated by the Liquor Licensing (Guernsey) Ordinance, 2006 (''The Ordinance'').

It is an offence under the Ordinance for a person to sell intoxicating liquor unless they hold a licence. An application can be made by an individual, a limited liability company, a club or an association.

If you have concerns about a licensed premises, or wish to complain about a licensed premises, please contact the Guernsey Police on 01481 725111.

For all general queries about liquor licensing in Guernsey and Herm, please contact the Business Support Assistant on 01481 717371. Alternatively you can email

  • Licensing Hours, Fees and Renewal

    • Liquor Licensing Hours
    • Licensing Fees
    • Renewal - The Licensing year runs from 1st June to the 31st May the following year. The Office issues invoices inviting premises to renew their licence by mid-April. It is to be noted that failure to renew the licence or failure to receive the funds by 4pm on 31st May, will mean that the licence will lapse at 23.59 on the 31st May and premises will not be able to trade as from midnight on 1st June. The renewal fees can be paid by BACS, cash or by debit cards.
  • New Licensed Premises, Change of Designated Official

    • All applications for new licensee, new licensed premises, a change of Designated Official, or alterations can be presented to the Tuesday Ordinary Court at 9.45am (applicants need to arrive for 9.30am) without the need to employ an advocate but you can employ one should you wish to. This is for all the unopposed, straightforward applications.
    • As a result, the applicant will be in charge of contacting the Business Support Assistant with the fully filled application with the relevant fees (we can assist you with those) and the applicant will also need to send a copy of the application to the Parish Constables.
    • Please note that incomplete submitted application may cause a delay in the Court appearance.
    • Before making application, we advise you to contact the Business Support Assistant, or 01481 717371
    • The Court expects any attendees to a Court sitting to be dressed appropriately.
  • Applications to extend an existing licence to cover additional locations or additional hours - Section 19

    • A copy of your application together with the relevant fee will also need to be sent to the Constables of the Parish in which the extension is to be exercised.
    • If you are already in charge of a licence and wish to apply to extend your licence to cover an unlicensed location, or to extend your hours, you will need to attend Court for the application to be heard. These applications are made under Section 19 of the Ordinance and you are advised to read this section of the Ordinance. You will not need to be represented by an advocate in these cases but will need to attend court. The court sits every Tuesday morning at 9.30am to hear these applications. To apply, please complete the online form with a supporting letter and relevant plans (if needed).
    • Please note that there is a fee attached to those applications.
    • The Court expects any attendees to a Court sitting to be dressed appropriately.
  • Applications for "Occasional Licences" to support fundraising activities - Section 20

    • If you are raising funds for a society or charitable purpose and wish to sell intoxicating liquor during an event, you can apply for an Occasional Liquor Licence Permit. Applications for these licences are made under Section 20 of the Ordinance and you are advised to read this section of the Ordinance. The person who will be in charge of the licence during this event will need to attend Court.
    • The Court sits every Tuesday morning at 9.30am. To apply, please complete the online form  with a supporting letter for the organisation represented.
    • The Court expects any attendees to a Court sitting to be dressed appropriately.
  • Liquor Licensing exams

    • The Office, the Guernsey Police and the Courts expect anybody working in the licensed trade to have a good understanding of liquor licensing legislation.
    • Anybody who holds or makes an application to hold a Liquor Licence must have passed the Liquor Licensing examination. Therefore, any person wishing to hold a licence should make arrangements to sit the exam prior to attending the Royal Court.
    • The preparation for the examination is to be done by every individual using the presentation, the Liquor Licensing Ordinance 2006 Quick Guide (also available in Latvian, Polish and Portuguese), the Training Manual and the Liquor Licensing Ordinance 2006.
    • The examinations are every last Wednesday of the month and start at 1pm and are held at Sir Charles Frossard House, La Charroterie, St Peter Port (unless stated otherwise). Please note that there is no parking available and we advised attendees to consider alternative means of transport.
    • Forthcoming examination dates are:
      • Wednesday 30 January
      • Wednesday  27 February
      • Wednesday  27 March
      • Wednesday  24 April
      • Wednesday  29 May
      • Wednesday 26 June
      • Wednesday 31 July
      • Wednesday  28 August
      • Wednesday  25 September
      • Wednesday 30 October
      • Wednesday 27 November
      • Wednesday  11 December
    • Candidates must pre-book their space on the exam  online or through the Business Support Assistant on
    • There is a £15 fee for the exam. Following the attendance to the sessions, the Office will issue invoices to the concerned premises. Should a duplicate certificate be required, a £10 charge will be applied.
    • There is an expectation that people seeking to pass the exam will have read all the documents and made themselves familiar with the legislation.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can I sell alcohol to be taken away, off my licenced premises?
    • Category A is a standard licence. A standard  licence is intended for the sale and consumption on the licences premises.
    • It is the Committee for Home Affairs views that provided the sale of alcohol in a sealed or stoppered container remains occasional and incidental, a category A licensee would not be in breach of their liquor licence if they were to sell alcohol for consumption off premises provided that it was not prohibited by the terms of their liquor licence granted by the Royal Court. If it starts to be a significant sales area then consideration should be given by the establishment to obtaining an off-licence.
    • It should be noted that the Office cannot provide legal advice, however, does endeavour to provide some guidance on some of the potential legal implications. You may wish to consider obtaining your own legal advice on the matter.
    • I want to open a mobile bar / trade as a mobile bar, what do I need to do?
    • There is no prevision in the current legalisation to license mobile bars in Guernsey.
    • Under the current legislation potential applicant would need to hold a Category A Licence (Standard Licence) in order to extend the licence to cover a mobile bar. If prospective applicants do not hold a Category A Licence, they could approach an already licensed premises which could extend their licence (under Section 19) to cover the mobile bar for events. However, all legal responsibilities would fall to the licensee of that premises and not on the prospective applicant, as it is an extension.
    • There is a fee associated with Section 19 extensions fees (fees can be find on this page). Licensees would need to apply, pay and attend Court for each event the extension would be required.
    • Alternatively, prospective applicants could apply to hold a Category A Standard Licence for a premises and then extend (under Section 19) on the occasions when the Mobile Bar would be hired; there is nothing in the legislation to prohibit licensing a premises that doesn't actually serve alcohol openly to the public, but applicants would need to satisfy the Court with a robust business case. 
    • It is to note that the application process is quite in depth and can take up to 2 months to process depending on the circumstances. As part of the application process, applicants would need to notify their neighbours who are able to make representations against your application, and other agencies would be required to submit reports to the Court on the application.
    • The Office would also require a police disclosure, a copy of the applicant right to work, confirmation of their ID and the applicant will need to have passed the Liquor Licensing Supervisor Exam.  Plans of the premises would also need to be submitted.
    • Can I serve free alcohol on my licenced premises?
    • On sale:
    • Yes, as long as it is inside the licensing hours.
    • Off sale:
    • Yes, but Off-Licences should notify the Office in advance of the 'tasting' to ensure all appropriate authorisations are in place.
    • Can I serve free alcohol on my licenced premises outside the licensing hours?
    • The Ordinance consider that the licensing hours covers the consumption of alcohol. As a result even if free alcohol is be consumed on your licensed area outside of your licensing hours, this will not be permitted by the Ordinance
  • Application Forms







Under 18 Notice to be displayed in Licensed Premises

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