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Guernsey Law Officers announce first-time forfeited asset sharing with the United States
Friday 08 December 2017

Guernsey has today announced during a visit to the Department of Justice in Washington D.C. that it will share with the United States government approximately $14.3 million recovered while assisting U.S. prosecutors and investigators with two U.S. criminal cases in which money was laundered via Guernsey.

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Under 21 Contraception Pilot
Thursday 07 December 2017

The Committee for Employment & Social Security and the Committee for Health & Social Care have launched a pilot to provide free contraceptive services to women under the age of 21.

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Gross Domestic Product estimates increase following methodology update
Thursday 07 December 2017

Guernsey will now have a more accurate picture of what its economy looks like following work to update the methodology by which Gross Domestic Product is calculated, aligning the island to international standards.

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Liquor Licences

Contact Us - Liquor Licensing Officer

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The Office of the Committee for Home Affairs is responsible for regulating liquor licensing legislation within Guernsey and Herm. The sale and supply of alcohol in Guernsey and Herm is regulated by the Liquor Licensing (Guernsey) Ordinance, 2006.

It is an offence under The Ordinance for a person to sell intoxicating liquor unless they hold a licence. An application can be made by an individual, a limited liability company, a club or an association.

If you have concerns about a licensed premises, or wish to complain about a licensed premise, please contact the Guernsey Police on 01481 725111 or the Business Support Assistant on 01481 717371. Alternatively you can email

For all general queries about liquor licensing in Guernsey and Herm, please contact the Business Support Assistant.

  • How to apply for a Liquor Licence

    • New Licensed Premises, Change of Designated Official
    • All application for a change of Designated Official, new licensee or alterations can now be presented to the Tuesday Court at 9.45am (applicants need to arrive for 9.30am) without the need to employ an advocate. This all the unopposed, straightforward applications.
    • As a result, the applicant will be in charge of contacting the Licensing Officer with the fully filled application with the relevant fees (we can assist you with those) but they are listed in the document named 'Liquor Licence application check' and the applicant will also need to send a copy of the application to the Parish Constables.
    • Before making application, we advise you to contact the Business Support Assistant, or 01481717371
    • Applications to extend an existing licence to cover additional locations or additional hours
    • If you are already in charge of a licence and wish to apply to extend your licence to cover an unlicensed location, or to extend your hours, you will need to attend Court for the application to be heard. These applications are made under Section 19 of the Ordinance and you are advised to read this section of the Ordinance. You will not need to be represented by an advocate in these cases but will need to attend court. The court sits every Tuesday morning at 9.30am to hear these applications. To apply, please complete the  online form  with a supporting letter and relevant plans (if needed).
    • A copy of your application will need to be sent to the Constables of the Parish in which the extension is to be exercised.
    • Please note that there is a fee attached to those applications.
    • Applications for "Occasional Licences" to support fundraising activities
    • If you are raising funds for a society or charitable purpose and wish to sell intoxicating liquor during an event, you can apply for an Occasional Liquor Licence Permit. Applications for these licences are made under Section 20 of the Ordinance and you are advised to read this section of the Ordinance. The person who will be in charge of the licence during this event will need to attend Court. The Court sits every Tuesday morning at 9.30am. To apply, please complete the online form  with a supporting letter for the organisation represented.
  • Liquor Licensing exams

    • The Office of the Committee for Home Affairs, the Guernsey Police and the Courts expect anybody working in the licensed trade to have a good understanding of liquor licensing legislation.
    • Anybody who holds or makes an application to hold a Liquor Licence must have passed the Drug and Alcohol Strategy liquor licensing examination. Therefore, any person wishing to hold a licence should make arrangements to sit the exam prior to attending the Royal Court.
    • The preparation for the examination is to be done by every individual using the presentation, the Liquor Licensing Ordinance 2006 Quick Guide (also available in Latvian, Polish and Portuguese), the Training Manual and the Liquor Licensing Ordinance 2006.
    • The examinations are every last Wednesday of the month and start at 12:30pm and are held at Sir Charles Frossard House, La Charroterie, St Peter Port (unless stated otherwise)
    • Forthcoming examination dates are:
      • Wednesday 25th October - FULLY BOOKED
      • Wednesday 29th November
      • Wednesday 13th December
    • Candidates must pre-book their space on the exam  online or through the Business Support Assistant on tel: 717371 or
    • There is a £15 fee. Following the attendance to the sessions, the Office of the Committee for Home Affairs will issue invoices to the concerned premises.
    • There is an expectation that people seeking to pass the exam will have read all the documents and made themselves familiar with the legislation.
  • Al Fresco Licences

    • Al Fresco licences allow cafés, restaurants and bars serving meals to provide outside service to tables on the pavement (where the pavement is wide enough to accommodate the tables and chairs and allow pedestrians to pass safely).
    • If permission is being sought to provide tables and chairs outside a premises, and this will involve using part of the pavement area, an application for an 'Al Fresco Licence' should be made. Al Fresco Licences are granted under the provisions of the Public Highways (Temporary Closure) Ordinance, 1999, as amended.
    • All al fresco areas must be clearly marked either by using some form of barrier (e.g. a rope barrier or planters) or by clear markings on the pavement. If permission is granted, the tables and chairs must be confined to the designated area.
    • Where the premises seeking an Al Fresco Licence wishes to allow persons aged under 18 to use the al fresco facilities, it will be necessary to satisfy the Court that the consumption of alcohol can be properly supervised.
    • The application process is made through an advocate. The  Office of the Committee for Home Affairs advises any prospective applicant to make contact with the Office of the Committee for the Environment Infrastructure (Planning and Traffic divisions) to ensure that they will be in favour of the application. The applicant should also contact the Constables of the Parish in which the premises are located to advise that the application is being made so that the Constables may give comment as they see appropriate.







Section 19 Extension of Licence Application Section 20 Occasional Liquor Permit Application

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